Thursday, October 22, 2009

Childhood Dreams

Thursday, October 22, 2009
As a child, I dreamed of being many things. The first was a Paleontologist. I wanted to dig around in the dirt and find fossils of dinosaurs and other prehistoric things. I thought it would be fun to find the leg bone of a T-Rex.

The next thing I wanted to be still involved digging around in dirt. But it wasn't fossils I wanted to find; it was treasure. I dreamed of being an Archeologist like Indiana Jones. I wished to travel all over the world in search of lost civilizations and ancient artifacts.

Though my childhood dreams never came true I enjoy watching shows and reading books about them. I am always excited when something new is discovered. When they dig up fossils of creatures they didn't know existed or when they unearth a new tomb in Egypt or a new site at Stonehenge.

My question to you is: What were your childhood dreams?


Elle J Rossi said...

Hi BJ,

Welcome to SIS! Glad to have you with us.

I think I only ever had one childhood dream and that was to be famous. I haven't given up yet, I've just changed gears a little.

SIS Barb aka Elle J Rossi

Beth Ciotta said...

Welcome (officially) to SIS BJ! I loved reading about your childhood dreams. I don't think I knew those things about you, but they make sense. I can so see you as a female Indy Jones!

As for me, when I was a kid I wanted to be a whole slew of things.

A Vet-- I loved the thought of working with and saving animals. Although now that I'm older and have lost a few beloved pets, I don't think I have the emotional strength for that job.

An astronaut-- When I was growing up, astronauts were in the news all the time. I remember the first moonwalk. How awesome would it be to walk on the moon? To soar through space? Now I know I don't have the guts. One of my crazy phobias would be my doom.

A Stewardess-- That was the official name for a 'Flight Attendant' when I was a kid. I thought it was the coolest job ever. Getting to fly all over the world. Getting to wear those nifty suits (pencil skirts, fitted jackets, high heels) and that ultra cool pill box hat. As an adult, I know I don't have the nerve to spend that much time in the air... plus a flight attendant prone to air sickness probably isn't the best fit. ;) By the way that dream was influenced by an older cousin who was a stewardess for Pan Am. When I was just 7 or 8, she was featured in a fashion magazine spread in her stewardess uniform. She was beautiful and, I thought, how glamorous!

I also wanted to be a cop, a journalist, and The Flying Nun. :)

Through it all, one dream burned strong. I wanted to be a famous singer. I was just sure I'd be on Johnny Carson someday! The singer part came true. Missed the boat on fame and Johnny, but that's okay. Now I'm working on another dream....

Thanks for letting me ramble. Great post!

SIS Beth

Kathleen Pickering said...

Childhood dreams . . . wow. First and foremost, as a very small child, I wanted to see God. Once I realized that was not going to happen, unless I ceased breathing, my next passion was to become an actress. I coudln't imagine amything more exciting than being one hundred or more different people--and getting paid for it! However, my mother told me I couldn't go to acting school because actresses were sluts. (No joke.) So, being the good daughter I was, I took a white sheet, a clorox bottle and made a full scale Dominican nun outfit and showed up for breakfast, lunch and dinner, hands folded in prayer and dressed as a nun. Played that role for an entire summer. Much to my surprise, the thought of me never marrying and not having grandchildren scared the hell out of my mother. See? I should have been an actress!

Thanks for the stroll down memory lane!

xox, Kathleen

Mary Stella said...

My first childhood career dream was to be one of the girls who rode the High Diving Horse at Steel Pier. That was replaced by a dream to be a professional roller derby queen. I wanted to be a veterinarian but, like Beth, didn't think I could cope with the pets I couldn't save. Plus I suck at math and science. Through it all was the one continuous dream to be a professional writer and, one day, to write and publish a book.

So, the High Diving Horse gig never worked out, but the book thing did.

Welcome to SIS!

BJ said...

Barb, I have a feeling that one day your dream will come true. just remember all your sisters when that happens.

BJ said...

Beth, I worked at a vet clinic once. It was very hard to watch as they put a dog to sleep. The dog went peacefully; bit it was sad.

I could see you as the Flying Nun. Thanks for sharing.

BJ said...

Kathleen, Thanks for the laugh. I could picture it all in my head. My oldest daughter wants to be an actress, I just hope she does't start dressing as a nun.

BJ said...

Mary Stella, Thanks for the welcome. I think a professional roller derby queen would be fun. The High Diving Horse gig would be a little to scary for me. I'm glad one of your dreams came true.

Neice Becca said...

SO maybe I'm still a kid and I defiantly don't have any answers yet! But I do know that when I was little I wanted to be a singer like my aunts. Then it changed to a lawyer and now well its totally different.

It's changed again to a photographer or something with writing. two things that aren't really related but both have that artistic twist I need in my life to stay happy. So now I just have to find a good college to help me experiment with them both!

BJ said...

Hi Becca, You can be both a photographer and a writer. I know Brenda loves photography.

Thankyou for stopping by.

Love you, Aunt BJ

Tori Lennox said...

Welcome, BJ!

The only things I can remember from when I was a child were actress and singer. Not that I could, you know, act or sing. LOL! Then as I got older I wanted to be an architect. But I didn't want to spend all that time in college to do it.

There may have been other things but I can't recall what they might be. :)

But I love archaeology and all the shows about it! I think it's funny that I always know all the names of the archaologists on the various shows. LOL!

BJ said...

Hi Tori, Thankyou for the welcome. I agree that it would be too much time in college to be an architect or even an archaeologist.

I bet you still love to sing even though you don't think you can. I know I do.

Hiedi said...

Childhood dreams..... there were many. I wanted to be a writer. Now I'm a nurse. Does charting count as writing? lol

I remember BJ talking about some of those dreams. You may not have grown up to do those things, but you grew up to be a wonderful person. I know that was the dream of your Mom.

BJ said...

Hi Hiedi, Thankyou for stopping by. I haven't seen you in ages. Thankyou for the kind words. They mean alot. You are a wonderful mother. Look at your two perfect children.

Beth Ciotta said...

Kathleen, knowing you as I do... You would have made one hell of an actress! That said, you're a KICK-BUTT writer, so I can't really say you missed your calling. :)

Mary, I knew about your fascination with the High Diving Horse, but I don't think I knew about your desire to be a roller derby queen! What an awesome dream. :) Speaking of, have you heard about the new movie produced and directed by Drew Barrymore, called WHIP IT? It's supposed to be wonderful and it's about the roller derby.

SIS Beth

Beth Ciotta said...

Becca, BJ's right. You can be both a photographer and a writer Do you like to travel? What about a travel writer? I've always thought that to be a cool profession. Whatever you do, follow your heart... but have a back up plan. ;)

Tori, I'm with you. Never saw the appeal of (or had the patience or funds for) college. I prefer the old style 'apprentice' aproach. Learn on the job.

SIS Beth

Beth Ciotta said...

Hiedi, thanks so much for visiting SIS. Don't be a stranger. Writing is a cool and passionate profession, but nursing is a noble and passionate profession. Charting gets the big 'thumbs up!'

SIS Beth

Neice Becca said...

Aunt Beth, I love to travel and my 6 weeks in Germany told me that! So a travel write might be cool and I would get some great pictures from something like that.

Beth Ciotta said...

Absolutely, Becca.

When I was working as a Media Relations Coordinator at an Atlantic City casino, I had the opportunity to have a nice discussion with a travel writer. He didn't make oodles of money, but he described his job as gold. He traveled all over the world, staying at various hotels and resorts and writing about their food and accomodations. He sold those articles to various magazines and newspapers. His partner took the pictures. Just think... you could do both! AND see the world. How awesome is that?

SIS Beth

Neice Becca said...

yeah I think that would be amazing!

Sisters-in-Sync said...


I, too, wanted to be an archaeologist. I would dream of finding treasures!

After that, I wanted to be a singer. I didn't care if I was famous or not...I just wanted to sing.

SIS Bren

SIS Brandy said...

Hey it's me chiming in late again. Sorry I know I suck :) I used to dream about being a singer. Then throughout my high school years, I wanted to be a lawyer. I wanted to be a prosecutor because I couldn't imagine defending people that I felt were guilty. My vision was to go to school and sing at night to help pay my way.

BJ, I am with Beth. You would make a great lady Indiana Jones!!!

SIS Brandy said...

Becca and Hiedi,

It is great to see you guys here. Please keep stopping by!!

Beth Ciotta said...

Brandy, if you were a prosecuting attourney you could have nailed those Meth-making-creeps who turned your beautiful French manicure PURPLE to the wall.

Not that I'm bitter.

SIS Beth

Elle J Rossi said...

Big waves to all who stopped by today and giant big hugs to Becca and Heidi.

Great post, BJ. It's nice to hear everyone's dreams.

Night all!
SIS Barb

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