Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Breakdown

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I officially lost it in public yesterday!! I am sure there were some people telling their loved ones how much of a spaz I am over dinner last night. Oh well. A girl should be entitled to the occasional freak-out, right?

It all started on Saturday night when the flight I wanted filled up as I was entering my info to purchase a ticket. You see, it was very important for me to get home as early as possible. Monday would be my baby's 4th birthday and I wanted to be with her the whole day.

I didn't get too upset about the ticket thing because I found a flight that would land just one hour later (11:30). I booked that flight, or so I thought. At work on Sunday, I decided to print out my confirmation. Somehow, I must have bought the wrong ticket!!!! Now I am scheduled to land at 12:33. Now I am starting to get upset!

My flight out of Richmond went very smoothly. My layover was in Newark. Next thing you know, my second leg gets delayed 30 minutes ... then an hour ... then an hour and 20 minutes. Now I am just plain ticked off!

Finally, I land at my destination. As soon as I get off the plane I call the rental car shuttle to pick me up. ( For some reason I made the crazy decision of having someone drop me off at the airport when I left town.) The rental guy tells me they'll be right there to pick me up. (Of course the best price had to be with a company not at the airport!) The shuttle gets there 45 minutes later!!! Now I am fighting off tears.

At the rental lot, things get very ugly!!! I am told that I can't get my rental car. The only card I had with me was what they consider a "preloaded debit card" that they won't accept. I lost my bank card 2 weeks ago, cancelled it, and couldn't get a new one from out of town. They wouldn't let Omar pay for it over the phone. And now I am bawling!!

I cried for the next hour begging them to please let me use my card (there was plenty of money on it). I begged them to let me pay cash. I repeatedly told them how I just HAD to get home to my birthday girl! Finally, they gave in! And there I went. Driving down the road (at 4:30) knowing that every person at the place thinks I am a nut job!!

How about you? Have you ever lost it in public?

SIS Brandy


Sisters-in-Sync said...


Happy Birthday to the little one! I'm so sorry you had to go through all of that. I'm sure it was very stressful.

The only time I can think of that I have lost it in public also had to do with flying. I've never enjoyed flying, it scares the bejeebers out of me. So imagine how terrified I was the first time I had to fly after 9/11.

I was stupid enough to think that I could calm my nerves with a little alcohol. I started out at home with a couple glasses of wine. I arrived at the airport early and after checking in, proceeded to the bar where I had some more drinks (I don't remember what or how many). If I remember correctly, I was back and forth on the phone with you and B.J. telling you how scared I was and you were both telling me I was starting to sound pretty tipsy.

Now it was time for me to go through security. All the alcohol was sinking in now and instead of it making me brave, it just made me more scared. I was crying hysterically all the way through the security line and it continued as I boarded the plane and took my seat. People were looking at me like I was crazy! A few were very kind though.

Finally, after about a half hour into the flight, I calmed down, but prayed the whole way that we would be safe!

So maybe the couple glasses of wine at home would have sufficed and I could have retained my dignity while boarding the plane!

Have an awesome day!
SIS Bren

SIS Brandy said...


I remember that. And yes, you were getting pretty damn tipsy!! Maybe I should of had some drinks yesterday!!!

You have an amazing day too!

BJ said...

Hi Brandy, I would have been upset too. you should have called, i would have figured a way out to get you. Happy Birthday to the little one.

Beth Ciotta said...

Brandy.... Oh, nooooooo! I can feel your anxiety. Your disappointment and frustration. No wonder you lost it. The build up to that moment was huge! I can't believe the rental car people let you cry for an hour before finally buckling. Since they did give in, it means paying cash WAS doable. So why let you suffer that long. Creeps.

As for having a public meltdown... I can't think of ever having one. Then again, maybe I blocked it out. LOL

Barb ever tell you about the time she was in the grocery store with her kids and an old grumpy guy cursed at the kids? I think Comedy bumped him with the cart. I don't recall that she said she 'lost it' but I know she wanted to. *g*

Happy birthday to the Little One!! Hope you had a better night than day!

SIS Beth

Beth Ciotta said...

Brenda.... You have GOT to use that in a book. :)

SIS Beth

Tori Lennox said...

I'd have been upset too! And probably would have been bawling my head off.

SIS Brandy said...

I am staring to feel like I am crazy!! Brenda is the only one fessing up to a public freak out!

Beth - The evening was much better! They ended up letting me use the card by the way.

BJ - Thanks. I just wanted to get home as quick as possible. Calling anyone would have meant waiting 2 more hours for someone to get there. I knew they'd give in eventually. Even if it was just to get rid of me!!!!

Beth Ciotta said...

You're not crazy, Brandy. ;)

Wait. I thought of one--a public meltdown. I was really young. Probably 5th or 6th grade. We lived in Florida at the time. Kids in the neighborhood used to pick on Bobby a lot. I didn't get a long very well with my little brother, but I sure didn't like it if someone was mean to him. One day, I was babysitting my younger siblings (you weren't born yet), bored out of my mind, and decided we'd all go for a walk to the 7-Eleven. So it was me, Bobby, Brenda and BJ who was in a baby stroller. I don't think Barb was born yet either. Anyhoo, we get to this one point and there's this group of neighborhood kids--bullies. Making fun of Bobby, calling him names. I don't remember what they said exactly or even if they maybe shoved him, but I saw red and went ballistic. I dove at them, tackling a couple and punching and kicking them for all I was worth.

Think the scene in 'A Chistmas Story' when Ralphie goes berzerk on the bullies. It was kind of like that. I was shouting stuff, and crying and punching all at the same time. I REALLY lost it!

I don't remember how it ended. I just know, after that, those kids didn't call our brother names anymore. :)

SIS Beth

Sisters-in-Sync said...


Now that is a funny vision. I love it!! It's so hard to imagine you hitting or yelling at anyone!

SIS Brandy

Elle J Rossi said...

Me? Freak out? In public? Never!

Well maybe just once or twice but it really wasn't my fault.

The instance Beth spoke of was about a year ago. Comedy, Drama and I were at our local Pick-n-Save looking at birthday cakes at the bakery. Comedy was in the cart but managed to grab on to the counter and pulled the cart forward. It BARELY touched the older man who was poring coffee. He turned around, red faced and proceeded to yell at Comedy, "G-Damn kid. Watch what you're doing!" Comedy shrunk back in fear, people stopped and stared and I freaked it in the most polite and classy way possible. I stated for everyone to hear but mind you, I did not yell, "Wow. He's just 3 years old and I really think you should know better than to use that type of language to a child. I'm really sad for you. Your life must really stink."

I don't think he really cared what I said. He just harumphed and shuffled off. The lady behind the counter applauded and everyone else just chuckled.I assured Comedy that he had done nothing wrong...that man just lost his mind for a moment.

Happy Birthday to my siamese twin!

SIS Barb

Beth Ciotta said...

THAT'S the story, Barb. Love it.

SIS Beth

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