Saturday, November 28, 2009

Pop Culture--SIS Style

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Welcome to Café Chaos. Grab a cup of coffee or tea (we prefer coffee) and join us for a chat. Every Saturday we celebrate Pop Culture. Movies, TV, books, music, games, trends in style... you get picture. Feel free to comment on our picks or to throw in a few of your own. We’re listening!

SIS Beth says...

Last week I posted a rec. I swear. But Blogger ate it. Thus I am re-posting this week and if my rec disappears again I'll take it as a sign, dang it.

Where was I? Oh, yes. This week's recommendation.

My MOVIE Pick of the Week: UP (2009)

See it. SEE IT! Oh, my God. I laughed, I cried. Seriously. So tender. So funny. So unbelievably well written. And the cinematography? Awesome! For young and old. For anyone who needs a life boost.

From Yahoo Movies: At age 78, life seems to have passed Carl Fredricksen by, until a twist of fate (and a persistent 8-year old named Russell) gives him a new lease on life.

See it!!

SIS Brandy says...

I don't know if this is a legal pick. Don't care I am going with it anyway! I just finished reading a series that I really really enjoyed. The plot was great. I loved the characters - especially Arch. I think I have a crush on him now!

I am probably the last person here to read this series. If I am not, though, I greatly recommend these books.

My Pick of the Week : The Chameleon Chronicles - All About Evie, Everybody Loves Evie, and Evie Ever After

Author: Beth Ciotta

SIS Barb says:
Brandy's pick cracked me up. You're good Brandy. It's legal and I good pick!
I'm also recommending a book today. I've grown to love this author over the last couple of years. Her Black Dagger Brotherhood series is one I've recommended in the past and am thrilled to say that the series is continuing. But that's not what I'm recommending today. She has a NEW series. Oh yeah! So far, only the first one has been released and I'm not sure when the next one is coming out but I'll keep you posted.

My Pick of the Week: Covet (A Novel of the Fallen Angels)
This band of fallen angels has everything I could want in a group of heros. Charm, charisma, power, strength, sensitivities and even insecurities. Jim, the newly recruited fallen angel is told he must save the souls of seven people from the seven deadly sins. He can not fail. Everything relies on his success. He's got some help though, and that's where some of the other fallen angels come into play. The love story comes from the one he is trying to save and I'm just fine with having multiple heros and a couple of story lines in my book. This is a great one and one I highly recommend.

Author: JR Ward


Sisters-in-Sync said...


I keep saying we need to see that movie. I've heard so many good things about it. Maybe I'll have to get UP for the kids for Christmas. Sounds like a keeper.


Great rec and may I say that I'm thrilled you're reading. LOL. I'd love to send you some of my books. They're taking over the house and I think you'd really enjoy them. I'll be selective. I promise. BTW...great recommendation. Beth does a wonderful job with the EVIE series. I know you have a crush on Arch and that's good because I totally fell for Milo.

SIS Barb

Beth Ciotta said...

Brandy... AWWWWW! You're the sweetest. Thank you. And thank you Barb! At least you won't be fighting over the hero!

Barb/Elle, that book sounds fantastic. I'm at work at the library today. How handy. I just put a 'hold' on COVET! Thanks for the rec.

SIS Beth

Brandy said...

Beth, I had problems putting the books down. I finished them all this week. Glad Barb likes Milo. Arch appeals to my bad girl side.....

Now I am working on Lasso the Moon. I am determined to catch up on your work. I somehow got very far behind!

Brandy said...

Your rec sounds great. I would be more than happy to take some of your books off your hands. Just don't send too many. I won't sleep or get anything done if I have a bunch to get through. It's my obsessive behavior's fault.

Olga said...

I'll second Brandy's recommendation. I loved Chameleon Chronicles!

SIS BJ said...

Beth, Up is on my to see list. Can't wait to watch it.

Brandy, Your right, the Evie books are great. But I think you are trying to get brownie points so you get more cookies this year. Great pick!

Barb, That book sounds great. Make sure you send me some too.

Elle J Rossi said...


Absolutely! I have plenty and though I hate to part with them, they really are taking over and I know you and Brandy would enjoy them. Books are meant to be shared. Give me a couple of weeks to go through them and make it to the dreaded post office!

SIS Barb/ Elle

beth ciotta said...

THE POST OFFICE???? Gahhhhhhhhh!

SIS Beth

Beth Ciotta said...

Olga and BJ, thank you for the thumbs up on The Chameleon Chronicels. I so loved writing those books!

Brandy, I think you'll enjoy LASSO THE MOON. It's a lot of fun. Although out of the westerns I have to say ROMANCING THE WEST is my fave.

SIS Beth

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