Friday, November 20, 2009

It's Me Again

Friday, November 20, 2009

Yep, it's me again. I know, I know. You just heard from me on Monday but here's the thing. Beth had a wonderful guest blogger lined up for today but unfortunately she was not able to visit with us. We hope she will be able to in the very near future. Then Beth had to go out of town and me being the kind and generous person that I am offered to help out. Or it could just be that I have a lot to say and will take any chance I get to voice my opinions and share my tales. Yeah, you're probably right. I'm sure it's the latter. I just realized that I'll be here again tomorrow sharing my recommendation for the week AND I'll be back on Monday with my regularly scheduled post. You are so lucky, you just have no idea. Hey! What's that? Are those gagging sounds I hear?

Anyway, even though there is HUGE and I mean HUGE news in the writing/publishing world right now, I've decided not to blog about it here. Two reasons: 1) Every other blog in the writing world is discussing it and my head hurts from reading the thousands of comments. 2) While I have strong opinions on the subject, I do not consider myself an expert, nor do I have any experience (yet) with the publishing side of things, so I'd rather error on the side of caution and let others handle this.

I guess I blogged about it a little. Sorry about that. And if you stop over at my solo blog Loud Whispers...sorry about that too.

On to other, more pleasant things. I have my local chapter of RWA meeting tomorrow and I'll have the pleasure of meeting Leanna Renee Hieber. She'll be presenting her workshop, "Direct Your Book: Theatrical Techniques For Writing A Blockbuster Novel." I think this will be a really great workshop and I'm very excited that I have the chance to attend. Maybe, if you're nice, I'll share a smidgen of what I learn!

Tonight, Drama and I will be making cupcakes with some friends and while I'm not the baker type at all, I'm really looking forward to this. Could it have something to do with the promise of Champagne cocktails? Maybe just a little. My friend is a phenomenal baker and she happens to own the Hello Cupcake! book. If you haven't seen it please take a look. These designs are incredible and seem impossible but my girl breaks them down so even I can make them look edible. If you have the book, check out the snowmen. That's what I'll be attempting tonight.

So that's me. So glad I stole Beth's day so I could jabber more. Anything HUGE going on with you? Any interesting plans for the weekend? And just because I didn't really blog about it does not by any means mean that I wouldn't love to hear your opinions on the HUGE news in the writing/publishing world.

SIS Barb aka Elle J Rossi


Olga said...

I am probably one of those very few who don't know what the huge news was. I'm curious, though...

Barb said...

Hi Olga,

Just Google Harlequin Horizons and you'll see a ton of information. Be prepared to have your head spinning.

SIS Barb

Tori Lennox said...

Not a lot going on here except I can't keep my eyes open and I'm thinking it's nap time. *g*

Barb said...


Make sure to count some sheep for me!

SIS Barb

SIS BJ said...

Hi Barb, No huge plans for me this weekend. Just work.

Have fun making cupcakes.

Sisters-in-Sync said...


Cupcake making was fun. We had a couple of hilarious disasters but all in all I think we did pretty good. Don't work too hard!

SIS Barb

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