Friday, December 4, 2009

A Friday Ramble

Friday, December 4, 2009

I have deadline brain. Time is ticking. Time is short. I’m trying to be creative. Meanwhile a voice keeps shouting in my ear. Faster! Write faster! Still I linger over passages. It’s impossible to move forward until what I wrote before clicks. Someday I’ll break that habit. But not today.

Nia, our fairly new adopted puppy, is on a diet. When we got her she weighed 22 pounds. She now weighs 38. Yes, she’s a little older but she didn’t grow much taller. Today, Steve called her a little moose. I have to admit, she is a bit ‘round’. She’s a black lab mix and labs are notorious for being overweight. Not good for their health. So… Nia is on a diet.

Cheyenne-the-sensitive-dog and Sadie-the crazy cat had their yearly check ups yesterday. PERFECT HEALTH! Yay!! By the way, they are not overweight.

I’ve decided to hold off on an e-reader. I researched pretty extensively. Between the Kindle, Nook, and Sony ereader, I had decided on the Kindle. It was going to be my one and only material Christmas wish. Today I read an interesting article about ereaders. Looks like other companies will be releasing models with more functions in 2010. So…. I’ve decided to wait.

Meanwhile I uploaded a free version of Kindle to my PC. Very cool! The Mac version is coming soon.

After ten years of handling my own website, I’m finally investing in a professionally designed and maintained site. I’m uber impressed by this designer’s process and products. Visit Rae Monet Designs to view some of her magic.

We’re well into December and I haven’t even thought about decorating the house. This is probably a sign.

I owe a few people emails. If you’re one of them, apologies and I hope to catch up after the weekend.

When I finish and turn in this book, I plan to spend an entire day watching holiday movies, and another whole day reading, plus a whole day of just laying around probably sleeping.

What’s up with Tiger Woods?

It was 69 degrees here yesterday (I’m in NJ). Today it’s 42. Weird. Not to mention it should be closer to 30 degrees. It’s December!

Can’t wait to see the new Sherlock Holmes movie!

Did you know termites are a better source of nutrition than vegetables and sort of taste like nutmeg? Also, grubs are a great source of protein. Things to eat if stranded in the jungle.

Oh, the things you learn while researching and hope to never have to do for real.

I could ramble on but the deadline book calls. Care to add on? Got a random thought or two? Ramble on!


SIS BJ said...


I was looking at E-Readers as well. I had decided on Kindle because they had a wider selection on books. Like you I read that more were coming out so I have decided to wait.

I watch Survior Man from time to time and he always eats grubs. They don't look to bad when he cooks them. On Destination Truth they ate cooked spiders. Now thats gross.

Great post!

~Sia McKye~ said...

"Did you know termites are a better source of nutrition than vegetables and sort of taste like nutmeg? Also, grubs are a great source of protein."

Um, is this from personal experience? Or just facts you've read? lol! Survivor guy does all sorts of strange things I wouldn't. If I was his significant other, I'd be handing him Listerine when he walked in the door. Oh no, you aren't kissing me, buddy, I know some of the places your mouth has been. ewww.

Yay on the decision to veg a few days. Sounds like you need it.

Btw, Beth, I would love to have to Over Coffee again with a new book, just sayin'


Tori Lennox said...

I've been eyeing the Kindle too but it's out of my price range at the moment. Now if they'd hurry up and get the Kindle doohickey for the Mac ready....

BJ!!! Another Destination Truth fan!!! :) And they DO eat some of the grossest things, don't they?

Beth Ciotta said...

BJ... Click that free version of Kindle in my post. You can download the 'Kindle' reader program to your regular computer. You won't have the portability of the physcial 'Kindle', but you can download boos just the same and read them on you Kindle app on the computer.

Uh... so this survivor dude ate SPIDERS? Gak! I'd eat a grub long before a spider. Although I'm pretty sure I'd puke up said grub.

Elle J Rossi said...

I'll probably end up with the kindle but I wish they'd get some of the cool features like the NOOK.

I'll ramble a little. I was at B & N today and bought a book series. The covers are what drew me. Add the witch and vamp combination and I couldn't resist. Then I found out Tori has already read this series and said they're fab. I'm so excited. I already started to read the first one and what fun! If I finish it today. it may just make my recommendation list for tomorrow!

SIS Barb aka Elle J Rossi

Beth Ciotta said...

Sia, I am not so adventurous as to eat a grub or termite. I would have to seriously be stranded and STARVING. Nope. This was research. Read it in "Man vs. Wild by Bear Grylls. He also drank turtle blood. How gross is that?

Would love to visit you again at Over Coffee, Sia. Thanks so much for the invite. OUT OF EDEN comes out April 1. Maybe sometime around then?

SIS Beth

Beth Ciotta said...

Tori, I've been keeping my eye out for the free version of Kindle for the Mac, because Barb/Elle also has a Mac. I'll be sure to let you two know when I see it goes live!

SIS Beth

Beth Ciotta said...

Barb/Elle, I read an electronic prediction article that said they predicted Kindle will develop a touch screen IN color in the very near future so that they can compete with the nook features and a couple of other companies who are developing ereaders for release in 2010. That's why I'm waiting. I'd kick myself if I bought the Kindle now and in 8 months there was something better! Which almost promises to be the case. eReaders ar HOT!

As to that series, sound great! Look forward to your rec!

SIS Beth

SIS Brandy said...

Ramble huh?

Beth asks what's up with Tiger. I ask what's up with these women? How do you get a gig like that? They got to have all kinds of fun with the best athlete on earth and now they are rich for it. That's bull!!

A MooLatte from Dairy Queen sounds so great right now!!

I haven't decorated my house either. Can't wait. It's in my plans for next week.

I am so out of touch with this whole kindle thing. I barely even know what it is. Now that's probably a problem!!

I'll let you know if I think of anything else

Beth Ciotta said...

Brandy, are you talking about Tiger's wife? Or his 'alledged' mistresses. Seems like all of them are making out (no pun intended) on the money end.

I have no idea what a MooLatte is but it sounds yummy and devastating to the hips.

Re: The Kindle. Don't worry about it. Just keep reading the book's Barb/Elle sends you. :)

SIS Beth

SIS Brandy said...


No pun intended... funny. I was speaking of the mistresses.
You so have to try a MooLatte. Treat your self to one when you take your veg days. The mocha one is fabulous! Yes horrible on the hips, but so so good!!!!

Olga said...

Beth, you deserve lots of rest and fun after the deadline!

As for the e-reader, I think I'll be waiting until the next year before seriously thinking about buying one, too, for something new and improved.

Btw, I heard good things about Rae Monet, so I'm looking forward to seeing your new website (though the current one is pretty awesome, too).

Linda Wisdom said...

I put the Kindle for PC on my netbook for travel, but I'm veering more and more to the Nook. I've only seen a mock up, but I did like the look of it. I've seen some Kindles also.

And true, there's always something new that comes out.

Rae designed my site, so I'm prejudiced.


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