Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Tuesday, April 13, 2010
Once again, I have writer's block!! Lets just ramble on today...

My oldest leaves for DC today. I am very excited for her. I never was able to do anything like that growing up, so I want her to have a great experience. At the same time, I am nervous as can be!! She's never left us like this :( I am sure it will be a fantastic trip for her - she'll have wonderful memories.

I've said that I need to make some changes with work. Wish me luck!! I am determined to make these changes and be successful. Do you hear that? That's my brain focusing on the task ahead of me - the wheels are turning. They have been a little creaky this last week or so, but their all oiled up now and ready to do it!

It is so nice to have some good weather. I think we can put that nasty cold crap behind us. It's great to feel the sun.

I keep finding more gray hairs!! This is bull crap. I am too young for this! Well, maybe not... but I'm gonna keep telling myself that!! At least I still look pretty young otherwise. If it gets much worse, I'll have to let you guys help me pick out a hair color like Beth did.

I have been a reading fool this last week. In 8 days, I read 7 books!! What is wrong with me? Oh, and speaking of those books, I am gonna have to come steal that last one from you! It's driving me crazy. I need to know what happens!!!! One of the books was Beth's new one. I really like it. You did a great job again. Can't wait for the next one.

Ramble on... What's on your mind. Scream if you need to, we'll listen.

SIS Brandy


Elle J Rossi said...

Mornin' Brandy,

I love the ramble. I'll be thinking of your eldest child. She'll have a great time!

You are a warrior! Remember that always.

Warm weather is my friend. Cold weather is my enemy. It's so nice to be on friendly turf!

I'll call you re: the books. I'd love to know what you thought of the "Fever" series. Do you need the last one of the "Black Dagger Brotherhood"?

I'm off to work! Long day, but I have tons to do so it should go pretty quickly.

More later...

SIS Barb aka Elle J Rossi

Sisters-in-Sync said...

I love the Fever series. I was speaking to BJ about that last book. I need to get it from her. Must finish!!

And yes, I would love the last Brotherhood book. I feel bad you having to send it though.

SIS Brandy

Tori Lennox said...

Funny you should mention screaming. I want to very badly. First, the external hard drive that holds all my writing, genealogy & music files decided on Saturday it didn't want to work anymore. Foolishly, I also had all my backups on there! It's not completely dead because I can hear it trying to do SOMETHING but it won't talk to my computer. Then today my TV went out! I guess I'll be TV shopping tomorrow. Tonight we'll just have to play musical TVs with an older set so I can watch my Tuesday night shows.

SIS BJ said...

Hi Brandy

It will cost you to get that book. I'm holding it for ransom. 2 Bloody Mary's sounds like a good price to me.

I have one more day on my temp job. Ten days in a row of rearranging a store. I am very tired.

Don't worry about the gray hair. I have them too, just color and it's like you don't have them anymore.

Sisters-in-Sync said...


You have very good reason to be screaming! The hard drive - oh no!!! I'm crossing my fingers for you. I hope you get all your stuff retrieved

Whenever one thing breaks, it seems like everything starts breaking. Good luck on the tv shopping. Hey - maybe you have an electrical problem going on.

SIS Brandy

Sisters-in-Sync said...


2 bloody marys? Ummm...ok!! But only if I get to have 2 with you.

I hope you enjoyed your job. Any word on if it might turn permanent?

SIS Brandy

SIS BJ said...


I would be very happy if you had those Bloody Marys with me. I find out about the job tomorrow.

Beth Ciotta said...

A lot of great rambling here. Re: the grey hair, I started going grey in my early 30s, so it must run in the family. Color, colr, color!

Hope The Kid is having a fab time in DC. It's a pretty awesome city. Been there a few times and there is still a lot I haven't seen.

Glad you liked OUT OF EDEN!

The Fever series. Gaaaaah! Going crazy waiting for the last book in the series!!

You mentioned 8 books, Brandy? What else have you been reading?

Tori, hugs on the electronic disasters! Oh, noooo!

BJ.... all body parts crossed that you get good news tomorrow!

As for me, same ol' with day job. Been exercising. Yay, me. Been working super hard on the new proposal. Love this story. Sure hope it sells!

SIS Beth

Sisters-in-Sync said...


I read the first 3 fever books, the 3 Flynn Brother ones, and yours. 7 in 8 days. Really enjoyed all of them.

SIS Brandy

Tori Lennox said...

Thanks, you guys! I'm wondering if that store we had several days ago might have contributed. I have everything plugged into surge protectors but something weird still might have happened.

Alyson Reuben said...

Gray hairs? Oh yeah - I'm starting to find a few of those awful things on my head too! Several times I've thought about coloring my hair, but I'm holding out for just a wee bit longer, because I know, once started, I'll have to keep the process up.

I hope your daughter has an awesome trip. DC is a wonderful learning experience besides being just plain exciting.

Oh, and did you really invite us (or me) to ramble? You might wanna think twice about that! lol Once I get going, I'm like one of those really annoying McDonald's wind-up toys. *grin*

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