Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Reasons I Love My Dogs

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Almost every morning I am aggravated at my dog, Moose. He’s not quite a year old yet so I try to give him some slack, but just one morning, I’d like to wake up on my own, with no whining involved. I don’t mean my whining…I mean Moose’s.

I understand that he needs to go outside and that’s fine. So, I grab my pillow and blanket, let Moose and Dizzy outside, and then make a bed on the couch to try to get just one more hour of sleep. I start to drift off, but then I hear crunch, crunch or ripping sounds or I feel his big, wet tongue on my face. He’s usually chewing on a bottle cap, or a pencil or pen that he’s stolen from the table, or like this morning, shredding a towel that he pulled from the laundry basket!

I feel bad that my day always starts out being aggravated, so I’ve decided to remind myself of why I love dogs!

1. They’re just so darn cute! This is Dizzy, my very faithful and loving Bichon Frise.

2. They’re comical! This is my mom’s dog, Brat. She may be funny looking, but she’s very sweet.

3. They’re inquisitive. I’m sure Moose probably grabbed the train right off the table after this picture was taken.

4. They’re athletic. I love to watch Moose chase my boys.

5. They have a sense of humor. It’s amazing what our dogs will let us do.

6. They’re just so darn cute! Ooops, I already used that one. But I love this picture and most people who see it let out an uncontrollable “Awwwwwww”.

Do you have pets? What do you love about them? What drives you crazy about them? And if you don’t have pets, what would be your dream pet?

SIS Bren


Mary Stella said...

Is Moose a poodle or a Goldendoodle? He's adorable. Dizzy looks like his mini-me. Brenda, Moose is not too young to learn the "Leave it" behavior. That was the single most effective thing that I taught to Pyxi. This way, when she starts to take something she isn't supposed to, instead of getting told "No" all the time, I tell her to "Leave it." When she does, she gets praise, so it's a positive experience.

I love my dogs, even when they're driving me crazy by barking at phantom things for, seemingly, no reason. Being single, having Nat & Pyxi (brother and sister English Cocker Spaniels) makes my house less empty. We're a family. They make me laugh. They give me love and affection. They're there for me to give love and affection and care. It's a win-win-win!

SIS BJ said...

Hi Ben

Love the pics. I have a long haired Chihauhau thta mom brought home for work. His previous owners couldn't take care of him. He became attched to us the first day he stayed with us. Of course, he wasn't happy with me for taking him to the vet for shots and to get fixed.

His name is Paco and he is a very good dog. The only problem I hev with him is he attacks anyone who walks in the house. We have to lock him up when we have company.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to break him of this?

SIS BJ said...

Sorry Bren, I didn't mean to call you Ben.

Anonymous said...


Moose is an Australian Labradoodle. He's an awesome dog and does know "leave it". Only problem is I can't catch him in the act when i'm trying to sleep. Darn! Our dogs are part of our family too. We wouldn't know what to do without them.

Sis Bren

Krys said...


I've grew up with the usual assortment of pets, from hamsters to turtles to dogs and cats, and we currently have three cats. There are a lot of things to love about pets, not the least of which is that they're always there for you no matter what. They don't have attitudes or need their space, although cats are much closer to that than dogs are for the most part.

Another thing about cats is that they're very low maintenance, and when they want something they'll let you know. Of course, that's balanced by the fact they they will do what they when they want, and if you want them to do something they'll get back to you when they're ready.

Pets don't judge, and don't care about your age, sex, race, religion or political preference. That alone makes them equal to or better than a lot of people in the world, IMO.

Anonymous said...

Hi DJ, um, I mean BJ,

I've met Paco, and he is cute and feisty. Maybe your first step would be to not let him greet people at the door. Could you get him to sit and wait and then ask your visitors to come in quietly and ignore him? Maybe that would help. He's such a cutie you need to post some pics!

SIS Bren

Sisters-in-Sync said...


I agree with you that pets are better than a lot of people in the world. They do love us with unconditional love.

And you are so right about cats. I think they're funny how they do what they want when they want. Years ago, in Key West, there was a street performer who had "trained" cats. I was amazed that he could get them to perform on command. They were a little slow about it, but they did it.

SIS Bren

Elle J Rossi said...

Hi Bren,

Sore subject. Pets are fantastic. Unfortunately we don't have one. But I work on correcting that problem daily. As to what I would have? There are so, so many dogs I love, I really don't know what I would pick.

I'm so desperate, I'm reconsidering getting a cat.

SIS Barb aka Elle J Rossi

Sisters-in-Sync said...


I'm sorry it's a sore subject. Maybe we can do some brain washing when you come to visit. I know you'll get your dog, don't worry. I'll do whatever I can to help you out and I know Dizzy and Moose will be pulling for you too!

SIS Bren

Beth Ciotta said...

I'm so sorry I missed this on the original posting day! I LOVE THOSE PICTURES!!!! Moose and Dizzy are adorable!!

You know how Steve and I dote on our furkids. They are our immediate family. :) We have lost a few of our loved ones--Sarah, Repo, Ella, Billie... but they live in our hearts. Currently Cheyenne, Nia, and Sadie are the joys of our lives. Don't get me wrong, they have their quirks and make me nuts sometimes, but the good overwhelms the bad threefold!

Going to lift some of these pics later for Animal Tales. :)

SIS Beth

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