Friday, March 12, 2010

Overbooked and Overjoyed

Friday, March 12, 2010
The past few days have been a blur. Anyone who follows me on Twitter or Facebook knows I unintentionally overextended myself this week. Different projects--two of them friend related, three of them work related--popped up and needed to be done this week. All of them involve writing and all are important. But it's all good. Great, even.

I'm still working on the 'friend' projects. Hope to wrap those Saturday. Tuesday I tackled desperately late updates for my website and sent those to my web designer. Thank goodness she's a dynamo. As of today those updates are live. Please click here to see what critics are saying about my April release OUT OF EDEN. To say I'm over the moon is an understatement. Also, bonus, we posted an excerpt so you can get a glimpse into this quirky, sexy mystery!

Where was I? Oh, yes. Projects. I finished revisions on INTO THE WILD (Sept. 2010) this past weekend. My editor, also a dynamo, told me to expect line edits this week. I'm thinking they'll come today or tomorrow with a quick turn around.

Meanwhile, I still have those two friend projects to finish...

Lastly, I think, I needed to update the SIS blog. Why? Because we have a new member joing the fold! Brace yourself. It's a man! Our honorary BRO, Krys, aka Chris Behrens. Krys has been a frequent visitor and commentor for awhile. He guest blogged last week. He's been a friend of Bren and Barb's for eons. We thought it would be a hoot to add a 'guy' element to SIS and Krys is a perfect fit! Please tune in tomorrow for his launch blog post and follow him here every Saturday.

Since Barb and Bren know Krys so well, I asked them to write up a short intro. Here we go.....

From SIS Barb/Elle...
Recently, someone told me I've know Krys for about 17 years. I had no idea it was that long. Granted, we may have lost touch for a few of those, but I always knew we would reconnect. I can thank Krys for that. He found me.

I met Krys when I was what some would call young and dumb, but from the onset he treated me with respect and kindness. I'll admit, there were times when I took our friendship for granted, but a few years and many life lessons taught me that he is the type of friend that should be cherished. Our friendship will last a lifetime.

Everyone here is going to love Krys. He's incredibly intelligent, funny and never afraid to be honest. What you see, or in this case, what you read, is what you get. Krys is one person who I can always count on to be genuine!

Welcome aboard, Krys. I am proud to have you as my honorary BRO!

From SIS Bren...
Krys has been a friend of mine (and Barb's) for somewhere around 17 years. We met one night while I was singing in a club in Clearwater and became fast friends. We have seen each other at our best and worst (ask him about his keys in his socks) and had conversations about anything and everything including tarantulas (not mine, his) suicide, cemeteries, and even love. He is an incredibly bright, humorous, and interesting person and even when we haven't talked for months and months, we always pick up right where we left off...which is usually insulting each other in the most loving way. I have greatly enjoyed his contributions here at SIS and am so excited to include him as our honorary brother. We hope you'll stop by on Saturdays to read what Krys has on his very complicated mind!

There you have it! How can you NOT stop by here every Saturday?

Peace and joy, Cyber Sistas!

SIS Beth


SIS BJ said...

Hi Beth

At least you won't be bored this weekend. Enjoy your overextended self.

SIS BJ said...


Welcome to SIS, BRO. I am looking forward to reading your post every Saturday.

Beth Ciotta said...

BJ, you're so right. No boredom for me!

Krys, welcome on board. Enjoy the ride!

SIS Beth

SIS Brandy said...

It's great to have you here Krys. I am sure you'll make our saturdays very interesting. It keeps me from having to neglect the picks of the week, too. I am liking that!!

By the way, your avatar is perfect!! I want a new one :)

SIS Brandy said...


I just looked at your reviews. They are awesome. I bet it feels amazing, huh?!? Congrats! I am so happy for you!

Chris Behrens said...

Okay, wow...I don't know who the hell Brenda and Barb think they remember, but that's not me...Kind? Respectful? Eww.....

Seriously though, THANK YOU for the amazing welcome. I'm really looking forward to this and hope that I don't make myself look too bad, although by doing so it might make the girls look good...As if that would take very much.

And thank you Barb and Brenda for either remembering only good things or remembering good and bad and only writing the good.

Congrats on the great reviews Beth, even though we both know they wont be your last!

Tori Lennox said...

Hey, cool! Welcome, Chris/Krys!

Chris Behrens said...

Thanx Tori! This should be, umm......Fun?

Elle J Rossi said...

Congratulations, Beth! Those were incredible reviews.


I plan to blackmail you in the future. I remember everything!

SIS Barb aka Elle J Rossi

Chris Behrens said...


If you plan to blackmail me effectively, I have a word of advice...Make sure I know what it is you are blackmailing me with because I most likely forgot! Other than the 'keys in my socks' incident, that is.

Alyson Reuben said...

Beth, judging by your other books, no doubt you deserve the fantastic reviews for this new one. I can't wait to read it!

And, Chris, I also look forward to reading your upcoming blog entries. From your comments here on Sisters in Sync, Elle's Loud Whispers, and on my blog, you seem like a really terrific guy!

Chris Behrens said...


Yay, I have you fooled, too! My plan is working!
Mwaa Ha Ha Ha Ha!

Beth: I just read the excerpt from "Out of Eden" and I have to ask...Are there a lot of dingy's in your novels? :)

Sisters-in-Sync said...

Hi everyone! Thanks so much for taking a peek at the reviews. I'm still floating! And thank you for your kind words!

Krys, regarding 'dingys'--you do realizeI write romance novels, right? *g* Although, I'm pretty sure I've only used the word 'dingy' that once. Seemedthe appropraiate word for that person and the person she was speaking of. I can assure however that I have never used the term 'velvet sword of love'. At least I don't think so. Heh.

SIS Beth

Chris Behrens said...


I am almost ashamed to admit (not really) that my overall exposure (no pun intended) to the romance genre is sorely limited. When I think 'romance novel', I have to admit I do tend to think 'velvet sword of love', unfortunately.

I think that your choice of the word 'dingy' was spot on in that circumstance, and it almost makes me want to read more to see what other zingers you've come up with!

Sisters-in-Sync said...


Please stop talking about your velvet sword of love. You can talk about tomorrow if you like...


Your reviews are awesome. You must be so thrilled. As always, I am so very proud and in awe of my big sister! Congrats!

SIS Bren

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