Wednesday, March 3, 2010

SIS Chris?

Wednesday, March 3, 2010
Holy cow, I'm so busy! I'm not only burning the candle at both ends, I've just thrown the whole darn thing into a scalding pot and melted it into oblivion! So, today I've asked a very good friend to guest for me. He's been a friend of mine and Elle's for around 17 years now. Wow, I'm old! You've heard from him here at SIS lately and I've loved to hear his take on things, so when thinking of someone who could sub for me, he's the first person that came to mind. Soooo....without further ado.....Meet Chris!

Although I'm not what I would consider to be 'old', as I'm getting there I find myself thinking more and more about my past and my future, and the past and future in general.

People are always talking about 'the good old days' and lamenting what the future might bring, especially in light of the current situation our country finds itself in economically and events happening around the world.

I can remember as a child how much undeveloped land there was around my neighborhood and how we always had natural places to run, explore, play and just be kids. We didn't have to worry about pollution, terrorist attacks, or if the neighbor was a criminal. People seemed more friendly, trusting and willing to lend a hand.

On the other hand, there weren't nearly as many technological advances as there are today. Communication with distant friends and family was slow and limited, and there were three options for news of the world: The 6 and 11 o'clock news, radio and newspapers. People routinely died from things that today are very treatable.

Do you think the world has become a better or worse place since you were a child, and do you think things will be better or worse 100 years from now?



Sisters-in-Sync said...

Good Morning Chris!

Thank you so much for helping a sister out!

I have mixed feelings here. I remember as a child, leaving the house to go out and play and not coming back in for hours. My mom had no idea where I was or what I was doing. Now, when my youngest goes to walk around the neighborhood, I give him a cell phone so I can reach him at all times. As a parent, it's terrifying to let your child out into the world when you hear these horrible stories of abduction and molestation and have that constant unerlying fear that that could be you on the news pleading for the return of your child.

On the other hand, I LOVE the technological advances that the world has made. I like the fact that my teenager has a cell phone so I can always reach him, or he can reach me if he needs something. I love my computer and the internet. If I need to know something, I can look it up instantly. I don't have to go to a neighbor's house to borrow their encyclopedia.

I agree that people seem less friendly. You used to be able to talk to your neighbors while out working in the yard. Now it seems as though everyone has privacy fences. Heck, you can't even get a real person on the phone anymore.

So while I wish times were more innocent, I still love the modern conveniences of today.

SIS Bren

Elle J Rossi said...

Morning Chris!

I think it completely depends on where you grew up. While some people can't wait to get out of a small town, it absolutely has its advantages when growing up. Like Bren said, we could disappear for hours with no worries. Perhaps this was lack of media or maybe the world was just less evil back then.

I miss knowing all my neighbors, being outside from dawn to dusk, getting dirty. I don't think this is all just things that kids do, but that, sadly, the entire world has changed.

I didn't know it at the time, but I think the world use to be a much better place, even before my time. People worked hard, they earned everything they had. I believe there was very little who grew up with a sense of entitlement. Can't say the same for modern times.

I'd like to go back in time, live on a ranch, work the land, take in the beautiful untouched scenery and breathe clean, non-polluted air. But, hey, that's just me!

SIS Barb aka Elle J Rossi

SIS BJ said...

Hi Chris, Welcome to SIS. I agree with Bren and Barb. I remember playing ouside for hours and mom not having to wonder where we were because the neighbors all kept an eye on us. Now I don't let the kids go to the bus stop alone and I can see it from the house. Even though we live in a small town, there are several sex offenders that live nearby. I can't stand not letting my children play outside with someone to watch them, but I just don't trust the outside world anymore.

Now, if we didn't have internet, no one would ever be able to know what was going on with me because I keep to myself like a hermit.

Beth Ciotta said...

Hi, Chris! Thanks for joining us at SIS. Your question is an interesting one, but a hard one to answer. I think it's a matter of perspective.

I grew up in the 60s and 70s. As a kid I think I was prety oblivious to 'world' issues, but the adults of that time had plenty to worry over. The Cold War, threat of nuclear attack, severe race discrimination/riots, Viet Nam...

Unfortunately, mo matter the period of time, there has always been and I suspect will always be elements of danger and threats.

That said, I agree, these are scary times. I don't know if things will get worse or better, but I suspect, like always, there'll be good with the bad. Come ooooon, GOOD!

SIS Beth

Chris Behrens said...

Good morning.....fellow Sisters?? Thanks for the opportunity to Blog here, it's kind of fun. As for my two cents worth about the questions I posed, I think the answer for the future is both, actually. I think 100 years in the future will bring us even more exciting advances in science, technology and medicine, assuming we're even here to accomplish them. There's been a growing 'us versus them' sentiment in the U.S and the world lately, especially concerning politics and religion, and unfortunately I don't see any end to it any time soon. If things don't change, we might not have 100 years left. As a society, our technology is overtaking our humanity.

Tori Lennox said...

Great post, Chris!

I don't have kids but if I did, I can't imagine letting them do the things I did when I was kid. I love technology especially since I don't get out much. It keeps me in touch with my friends all over the world. And friends I'd never have made WITHOUT technology. And I wouldn't give up the advances in medicine for anything. But I miss the safe world I grew up in. Though I sometimes wonder if it was as safe as I remember. Maybe it was just that the news didn't travel as fast so it was old news by the time you heard it?

Chris Behrens said...

Thanks Tori, and I agree. I think the biggest thing that changes from childhood to adulthood isn't necessarily the world but our perception of it. Granted things have changed in the world in the decades we've been alive, but there is still such a thing as childhood innocence, and I for one hope there always will be.

~Sia McKye~ said...

My goodness Bren and Elle, Chris is almost as pretty as you two, lol!

I miss the simple safety of kids being able to run free and play without the worries of being shot, kidnapped, and whatever.

Technology is convienient but is it neccesarly better?

100 years from now? I'd LIKE to think it will be better.

Alyson Reuben said...

My hubby and I have this discussion all the time, Chris! Are things worse now than they used to be? Are we more fortunate to have the technology that our ancestors only dreamed about? Or are we sacrificing, as you said, humanity for technology? Let's take these things into account: personalized features have become automated. Our processed dinners can be cooked in a matter of minutes (sometimes even seconds). People roam the stores and streets talking to faceless voices on their cell phones while totally ignoring the people around them. Are these things necessarily bad? Of course not. But they don't exactly leave a warm, fuzzy feeling around my heart either.... Well, maybe the quick dinners do. They're actually pretty darned handy when I'm in a hurry. But, uh, that's another topic entirely.

On the other hand, judging by the history books, I think bad things have always happened. When we were kids there just weren't as many ways for stories to spread. Horrible news used to be whispered discreetly, not blasted through our surround systems.

Sooooo... as everyone else has already said, it's a matter of how you view the big picture.

I'm with Elle - I'd love to go back in time to live on a ranch. Or a gothic castle. But only for a week or two. Then I'd have to hurry back and check my backed-up emails!

- Amanda/Hermit

Sisters-in-Sync said...


Please don't tell Chris that. His head will get huge!

SIS Barb aka Elle J Rossi

Sisters-in-Sync said...


I'll make you a deal. Let's go back in time to all the different places we want to visit and we can split the tab. One thing we'll have to do is get Flapper dresses. We're gonna dance on stage and then smoke afterwards, and I don't even smoke, but what fun!

Anyone wanna join us?

SIS Barb aka Elle J Rossi

Chris Behrens said...

Sia : What do you mean -almost- as pretty? LoL I guess some of their good looks have rubbed off on me....And you're absolutely right, is convenience always better? I think not. Something that makes your life easier (remote controls, for example) also make us lazier, which in the long run can affect our health.

Alyson: Very well said. I think bad things always happen, but as we have more and more outlets to hear about them, we become aware of just how common they are. Ignorance is bliss, as they say. And I am SO with you on the Gothic castle!

Elle: In all the years you've known me, have I ever gotten a big head? Don't answer that!!

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