Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mother Nature

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I love this time of year in Florida. It's starting to warm up (we've had an unusually long and cold winter) and I have this great urge to be outside. There aren't that many months down here where it's actually comfortable outside. Well, unless sweating profusely makes you feel comfortable.

We have a great new dog park close to our house. There is an agility course which is great for my little Bichon, Dizzy. He is excellent at running up and down the ramps and through the tunnels. Moose, the extremely large, dopey puppy, follows right behind him through the tunnels.

We also found a park close to our new house that is in development stages. It seems as though they have cleared a lot of brush and it's pretty much nothing but dirt and great big holes that I assume will be lakes. The dogs really enjoyed running free and exploring these new trails. We walked for quite a while and it made me appreciate these special spots of nature. Our county in Florida is so developed and it seems as though more and more houses and business are going up every day so it was nice to find this park.

I also have this great urge to be out working in the yard. I'm ready to plant some flowers and mulch the's just beautiful outside!

I'm not sure how the weather is in your part of the world, I've been too busy outside to look at the weather channel. But, what are your plans when your weather starts warming up and everything starts turning green and the trees begin to grow their leaves again? Will you be outside or do you enjoy the cozy comfort of your home?

SIS Bren



SIS BJ said...

Hi Bren

HAPPY ST PATRICKS DAY!! I hope you're wearing green.

It will be in the 60's today. I will be outside enjoying the sunshine. There are many tree branches in the yard that I need to pick up. I leave some out for the winter so the birds have something to sit on while waiting in line for bird seed. I am happy that Mother Nature is showing her warm and loving side at this moment.

Chris Behrens said...

Top O' The Mornin' To Ya!

I love the Spring and Fall best here in Florida, as long as they're typical and not too out of the ordinary weather wise. It has been a long cold winter but I have to admit I kind of enjoyed it for the most part. 85 degrees on Christmas day just doesn't cut it and too much sun isn't good for us vampires.

I don't really have anything specific that I'll definitely do but I try to get out and go to parks and nature walks in the area this time of year as the plants and animals are becoming more abundant. The choices are limited because like Brenda said this area of Florida is way over developed, but there are still a few wild places left.

I also like sitting out back of our apartment where we have a little lake and some trees and brush and watching and listening to the birds. Being close to the water we have an interesting mix of land and sea birds at the same time.

One thing I would like to do that I've never done is go camping. I mean the 'back to nature, close to the earth' kind of camping, with a tent and sleeping bag and finding your own firewood, not sleeping in a cabin with all the modern conveniences. Been there done that.

SIS Barb said...

Good morning and happy Spring to all!

I'm in Wisconsin and while I don't think we're out of the woods yet--I still think there may be snow for us soon--I do plan to enjoy the sun and any warmer temps that are willing to come my way. Today is very sunny and we're supposed to hit 60! That's pretty huge for us. Too bad I have to work, but at least I have an office with a window.

If it stays warmer like this through the weekend, I have major yard clean up to do. Lot's of sticks and stray papers that somehow made it to my yard. Good thing I've got kids. It's amazing what they'll do for a quarter!

SIS Barb

SIS BJ said...


You only pay them a quarter? Send them to Aunt BJ's house, I'll pay them two dollars!

Elle J Rossi said...

Yep! Just a quarter. Don't you dare offer them more money. They'll think I'm cheap!

SIS Barb

Chris Behrens said...

If you're only paying them a quarter, maybe they should put out a tip jar while they're working!

Anonymous said...

Good one Chris!

Chris Behrens said...

I got a million of 'em!

Linda Wisdom said...

Southern California is gorgeous today. I'd love to be out in it, but sigh! work calls.

I know Barney would love the agility course.

Alyson Reuben said...

I'm finally unthawing from winter hibernation! Yay! My family has been spending a lot of time outdoors. Right now, we're experiencing gorgeously sunny weather. The wind is still brisk at times, but with a light jacket it's perfect.

As the weather gets warmer, I plan to take a lot of walks, will probably play some softball, and take my daughter to the park to fly her kite.

Wish I lived in Florida, Bren! I could handle the profuse sweating. I'd just cake on lots of Lady Speedstick (heh heh). It's the miserable cold weather that I can't handle.

Elle, when the kids are finished cleaning up your yard, mail them to my house. I've a few quarters with their names on them. And Katie would welcome their company. *grin*

Tori Lennox said...

When I lived in Arizona I was outside a lot. Loved it! Here in the land of 90% humidity (or so it feels like) and bugs I stay inside as much as possible.

Beth Ciotta said...

Your parks sound great, Brenda. I'm not sure my dogs would have a clue as to what to do with an agility course. :) Hey, post a pic of Dizzy doing his thing at Animal Tales! I know you have some great pics!

It's been a cold, snowy, gloomy, rainy winter here. Today the sun was beaming. A first in days! And it almost reached 60. I worked all day, but did take the dogs for a walk when I got home.

With the nicer weather I hope to take up power walking again soon. Depends on how tight my writing schedule is this usmmer. We'll see!

SIS Beth

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