Monday, January 4, 2010

The Witch Is In The House!

Monday, January 4, 2010

NOTE FROM SIS... Please welcome, multi published author, Linda Wisdom!

Mega thanks to the sisters for having me here.

First off, I’ve been published for 30 years writing for Silhouette and Harlequin books, Dell Candlelight Ecstasy, Bantam Loveswept, and a single title romantic suspense with Kensington. I think all I wrote in the past prepared me for now.

Elle asked me to talk about the witches in my paranormal series and why I chose the hexsters.

I’ve always enjoyed witches be it Looney Tunes Witch Hazel (I totally love her laugh), Samantha Stevens (even if she gave in to Darrin too much on her power), Veronica Lake’s old Salem witch in My Favorite Witch and moving up to the sisters in Practical Magic, which is one of my favorite movies. I wanted witches that did more than cast spells and dispelled the rumor they ride brooms or wear pointy hats. I think my series did that.

Jazz and her fellow witches began in 2005. My agent at the time wanted me to write dark edgy vampires and while I love reading them I knew I couldn’t write it and I didn’t want to make myself crazy (okay, crazier) trying to write it. Then Jazz popped into my head with “you really need to write about me”. Cute, sassy, snarky, and totally fun. My kind of witch. I saw Irma, her ghostly sidekick, Fluff and Puff, her fangy bunny slippers, and best of, Nick, the sexiest vampire around.

The premise behind the series is that the class of 1313 of the Witches Academy was expelled after one of the students performed an illegal spell on a local nobleman and no one would own up nor snitch. The girls stood together. So they were banished for 100 years as long as they behaved. And 700 years later they’re still out in the world. And more time is added to the 100 years each time they do something the Witches Council doesn’t feel is appropriate.

Instead of a series featuring the same characters, I hope to write all the witches in the class. Each with their own distinct personality and power. So far, I have Jazz, the witch who can eliminate curses and lives in LA, because Hollywood needs her. Stasi, who deals in romance, creates love spells and owns a lingerie/romance bookstore in a small mountain town. Blair, Stasi’s housemate, who owns a retro shop and very gifted in revenge spells. If your husband or boyfriend cheats on you she’s the one to go to. Maggie, my kick ass witch, who’s a member of the Cerberus Guard, protectors of all creatures. She’s happiest when she’s fighting someone. And Thea, the diva romance novelist, whose day is dreary if she’s not on the NYT bestseller list or she breaks a nail.

As for the men. Total yum! Jazz has vampire Nick, her on and off again lover for the past few hundred years. Stasi has wizard attorney Trev, who’s got sex appeal. Blair’s honey, Jake, a local carpenter with some furry secrets. A hot half fire demon named Declan for Maggie and a ghostly gunfighter for Thea.

What can I say? I can’t make it too easy for them, can I? And I don’t. But that also can mean I don’t make it easy for myself.

It’s not just researching spells, I’m also researching the past, because these witches have a long history and I need to make sure the historical facts are correct. Not that they’ve been noblewomen in the past. Jazz spent the longest two hours of her life as a carhop. Stasi was a seamstress for a duchess. Blair had been a parlor maid. Maggie was able to work as a bodyguard for female nobility and Thea wrote novels under various pen names.

Magick means you can’t use it for personal gain and they, especially, couldn’t. They could protect themselves and even protect the weak.

Along the way, they learned a lot about themselves and many times had fun doing it.

I also wanted to create characters that I hoped my readers could identify with. Women they’d want to hang out with, go shopping, and have lunch with. Sure, they have great magickal power, have creature sidekicks most of us wouldn’t think of, and they’ve been on earth a long time, but they also have their Starbucks addiction and Jazz can’t live without the creams from The Body Bakery. They’re still thrust into very human situations and I love to play with how they’ll deal with them.

A high praise for any author is to hear her readers love her characters or want a pair of magick bunny slippers. As for me, not only do I have a couple pair of bunny slippers that seem to scoot around during the night, but they’re also tattooed on my ankle as is Horace, Stasi’s perv of a gargoyle.

By now, they’re friends and very real to me. I hope that any of you that read my books will feel the same way.

And what about you? Do you enjoy snarky and sexy? Or something darker? And would you want a pair of bunny slippers that can eat a man if they’re so inclined?


**A note from Elle--if anyone is interested in taking one of Linda's online classes, you can find a list of them at I've already signed up for "My Bunny Slippers Ate My Homework". Join me in learning from the best how to weave preternatural creatures into your story!


Sisters-in-Sync said...

Hi Linda,

I loved reading your post and learning about your withches and their friends. Your books sound delightful and I can't wait to get my hands on them.

I think I enjoy both reads, the darker and the lighter sexy. But I would say that the sexy and snarky is more appealing to me.

I love that your characters have become your friends. It must make it a little easier to write about them. And even though I haven't read the books yet, I think I would love a pair of bunny slippers...ESPECIALLY a pair that could eat a man!

Thanks for joining us!
SIS Bren

Beth Ciotta said...

Wow. What an energized way to start my morning. Thanks for being here, Linda. Reading about all of your witches and they're various sidekicks and especially how you weaved in the history and magick was especially timely for me. About mapping out a new paranormal series and, three days into it, already feel like I bit off more than I can chew. I'm fascinated by how you pulled it all together and look forward to reading the first in the series very soon!

As for reading taste, I like quirky humor with a hint of dark. Sounds like Jazz and her friends are right up my alley!

Question... Did you map out each character's past and traits, all the paranormal quirks and aspects BEFORE you wroe the series? Or did you learn some of it along the way? Where/how do you keep track of all that? An online file/program? A handwriten notebook? Desperate minds want to know. :)

SIS Beth

Elle J Rossi said...

Welcome, Linda!

I'm so excited that this day finally came. What a treat to have you here at SIS.

Well, I have read all the books in the Hex series and am eagerly awaiting your next release. Each time I finish one I think that it was my favorite. Absolutely. For sure. Until I pick up the next one and then it becomes my favorite. No doubt about it.

By the way folks, to say Trev, the wizard attorney, has sex appeal is a gross understatement. I'll take me a Trev any day of the week.

Oh and Dweezil is by far my favorite "creature". How much fun is he?

I should probably answer your questions instead of acting like a stalker. LOL.

Do I enjoy snarky and sexy or something darker? Both actually and am currently attempting to achieve both in my WIP.

Bunny slippers? Not a chance. Fluff and Puff scare the loons out of me!

Oh and I'd like to extend an ongoing invitation to you. Please be our guest whenever you would like and especially when the next Hex book is released!

SIS Barb aka Elle J Rossi

Edie Ramer said...

Linda, I'm eager to read your latest! I love snarky and sexy. And I'd love bunny slippers that could eat a man. What women wouldn't? If I had such a thing, I'd keep my pair and send others anonymously to a few wives of Congressmen. lol

Linda Wisdom said...

Thanks Bren.

Fluff and Puff have really become a law onto themselves. But still, you have to love them.


Linda Wisdom said...

Hi Beth,

Their personalities come to me even along the way. Fluff and Puff were pretty much fully formed when I started 50 Ways to Hex Your Lover, although more shows up from time to time.

I keep a notebook where I jot down things that come to me and I have a character file for each one on a flash drive that I'm constantly adding to. I not only have their personal stuff there but even their memorable scenes in the books.

Linda Wisdom said...

Thanks Elle! And thanks for the invite.

Dweezil was so much fun to write that I'm sure he'll show up again.

Don't let the slippers scare you. They can be a lot of fun too.

Linda Wisdom said...

LOL Edie!

Yes, they would make nice gifts, wouldn't they? They'd be the terror of the households since the people probably wouldn't understand that licorice root helps.

This is why I never find my own bunny slippers where I leave them and my mini Schnauzer, Barney, only took them once. I think I heard screams.

Anonymous said...


I have just finished the first in the series (I stayed up all night last to finish it)and absolutely loved it and can't wait to delve into the next. Stong, snarky, sexy women definately appeal to me as a reader and a very stong minded woman in my own right. And, most definately no woman should be without man eating bunny slippers as friends! I am a huge paranormal buff and a historical fiction buff and am especially excited when the two conjoin.

Now, as an aspiring author, what do you do about the jumbled mess of creativity that takes up residence in your head. I swear I think my characters have more of a life and personality than I do at times. How do you get control of it and focus it???

Thanks and keep the creative genius coming!!!

College Station, Texas

Linda Wisdom said...

Thanks Kimberly!

I see my characters as saying and doing what I'd love to say and do. Controlling them doesn't work, because they know best. I find out if I allow them to take the lead everything falls into place. I can't even count how many times I've considered a scene one way and it comes out entirely different. Thankfully it's always worked out even better.

What you could try to do is interview your characters. Sort of like automatic writing. You could end up with some fun things that way.

Lizzie said...

Hey Linda! Delighted you're sharing so much info on your wonderful witches. You know how much I love them!

~Sia McKye~ said...

I have been having Sis withdrawls. So I had to stop by to get my fix. I really enjoy your blog and I find, Linda Wisdom here with a book that's caught me eye for some time--I'm ordering it next week.

What a wonderful idea and series of stories, Linda! I like the fact you recognized dark edgy vampires weren't your strenth and went for what worked for you.

Looking forward to reading them.

Linda Wisdom said...

Lizzie!! Thank you for coming by.

Linda Wisdom said...

Hi Sia,

I knew I could put a dark edgy vampire in the book, but snarky witches are just more fun. Plus I seem to learn something new with each book.

SIS BJ said...

Hi Linda,

Welcome to SIS!

I enjoy snarky and sexy but love when there is a bit of darkness thrown in. I am so behind on reading. Can't wait to read your series.

As for Bunny Slippers that eat men? If I could buy them now, I would.

CatAdams said...

I like dark books, but occasionally a snarky/funny book will really appeal to me. Yours are favorites! Go Fluff & Puff!

Tori Lennox said...

What a fun post to read, Linda! As you know, I absolutely adore your books. :) Can't wait for the next one to come out!

As for me? I've got one story I've been working off and on for, um, close to 15 years. I wanted it to be dark. It started out dark. Then the heroine came on the scene. She is SO not dark. She's snarky as all get-out. And I realized one day, every heroine I've ever tried to write has the snark gene to one degree or another. *g*

Annette Blair said...

Linda, Like you, your books are awesome, and I adore them. A real treat for this writer. I can't wait for more.

Great blog, awesome background info on the series. Kudos.

Linda Wisdom said...

Thanks BJ!

I have two pair of bunny slippers. One pair is fuzzy flip flops, the others are scuffs. So far they haven't battled it out.

Linda Wisdom said...


And you write dark great, which is why you're always a must buy for me.

Linda Wisdom said...

LOL Tori!

You're meant to write snark then. For all you know dark could show up later.

Linda Wisdom said...

Hey Annette!

Thank you so much!

Sandy said...

Hi Linda,

I certainly got a giggle from your post. Your story sounds like a fun read.

Linda Wisdom said...

Thanks Sandy.

ElaineCharton said...

Hey Big Sis!
You know I have loved Blair and the girls from day one! I reccommend them to everyone. Beth, you must read them, I think you will love them!

Linda Wisdom said...

Lil Sis!!

Elaine is the best sis, the one of my heart. And a great writer.

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