Saturday, January 23, 2010

Pop Culture -- Sis Style

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Welcome to Café Chaos. Grab a cup of coffee or tea (we prefer coffee) and join us for a chat. Every Saturday we celebrate Pop Culture. Movies, TV, books, music, games, trends in style... you get picture. Feel free to comment on our picks or to throw in a few of your own. We’re listening!

SIS BJ Says:
Having a 6 year old means that I get to read a lot of children's books. Every month she has to complete four Book-Its. She has to read a book and then draw or write what she likes about it. When she turns them all in she gets a prize. Most of the time she likes to read the book herself. Sometimes we read together. I love the times she allows me to read with her. One of my favorite books to read are the Skippyjon Jones series by Judy Schachner.

Skippyjon Jones is a cat who thinks he's a Chihuahua. He calls himself Skippito. Skippito gets in a lot of trouble and likes to go on outlandish adventures. Sometimes he sings silly songs that makes me laugh as I try to "sing" the words to my daughter.

The Skippyjon Jones series is a fun read to share with children. I know I enjoy reading along.

My Book Pick of the Week: Skippyjon Jones by Judy Schachner

SIS Beth says:
Pop culture includes all sorts of entertainment, including games, right? The other day, I found the coolest updated version of something I used to love. Paper Dolls. I'm not sure if they have the conventional kind anymore, but when I was a kid, paper dolls were all the rage. I loved them. The doll itself was always of a stiffer cardboard and you could manipulate her (or him) to stand. Then there were pages of clothes and accessories. In the beginning you had to cut them out. Later, they were perforated and you could just sort of punch them out. I use to spend hours dressing my paper dolls (and of course, making them talk as if they were alive!)

Anyhoo, I've been reading a book called SOULLESS by Gail Carriger. (More on the book next week--I just started it). I checked out Ms. Carriger's website and was surprised and thrilled to see that she (and her publisher) has an electronic paper doll version of her heroine. What a hoot! You've got to check it out. Click here and play!

My Game pick of the Week: The Soulless Victorian Dress-Up Doll

SIS Beth


SIS BJ said...

Hi Beth

I played with paper dolls as a child as well. I always loved them.

I played The Soulless Victorian Dress-Up Doll. Great fun!!

Elle J Rossi said...

Hi BJ,

Drama loves the Skippyjon Jones books. She reads them to all of us and we laugh our buttitos off!

Hi Beth,

They've replaces paper dolls with websites devoted to dress up, make-up, costume design, fashion design and all that. They are actually pretty cool and at least gets the artistic juices flowing. I'd rather see Drama on those sites than some of the other "suck your brain out of your head" sites.

SIS Barb aka Elle J Rossi

SIS Brandy said...

I really did plan to post a pick this week. I swear!! Had a houseful of girls last night and totally forgot.

I have been reading a lot lately. It is making me get way too little sleep. The other day I read Killjoy by Julie Garwood and really enjoyed it. It has plenty of suspense with a great romance built in.

Tori Lennox said...

Oh, I finished up Soulless last night! It totally rocks!!! I can't wait for the next book in the series to come out.

Olga said...

Beth, I loved paper dolls as a kid! I had to draw them myself, though, in the best case scenario copy. I even created a book with different rooms, including kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, etc. And drawing wardrobe was so much fun! As I was growing up, I drew a different girl, and the outfits changed, too...

Beth Ciotta said...

BJ, wasn't that Soulless game a hoot? Very clever on their part.

Barb, now I'm curious. I'll have to see if I can find a couple of those sites. Just for fun...

Beth Ciotta said...


Julie Garwood is one of my fave writers. I'm a huge fan of her Scottish historicals, but I also like her contemporary romantic suspense novels. If you enjoyed KILLJOY, see if you can find HEARTBREAKER--also by Julie Garwood. It's awesome!

SIS Beth

Beth Ciotta said...


I've had a slow reading week so I'm not far along with SOULLESS. What I've read so far however has been delightful! So imaginative and fun. Her next book, CHANGELING, is a continuation of the series. Yay!

SIS Beth


Beth Ciotta said...


I love that you made your own paper dolls and everything that went along. I bet that was fun! Unfortunately, I have no skill whatsoever as an artist. If I drew my own paper doll, she's be a stick figure!

SIS Beth

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