Friday, January 29, 2010

The Spy Who Stumped Me

Friday, January 29, 2010

Anyone who follows me on Twitter or Facebook knows I’ve been struggling with a synopsis. Oh, wait. I whined about that here, too. Well, at least now I have essential information that I didn’t have before.

*A name for my heroine. Usually that comes to me right away. This one didn’t. I’m a little fuzzy on how it came about, but I like the outcome. Lily Ricci.
*My heroine’s occupation. She started off as a librarian, but now she’s a grade school teacher. There’s a reason for that. She also has a sister—Violet. They’re estranged. There’s a reason for that, too.
*My heroine’s personality. She’s a caretaker. She’s cautious. Also a bit of a pushover. But she’s rabid when it comes to certain issues, especially if when they have a negative effect on children. Her sister pushes her buttons on that score. The villain will push her buttons big time on that same score. I can feel Lily now. This is good. Really good.
*I have the set up for the story.
*I have the premise.
*I have a semi decent handle on my hero, although I don’t know his name yet. Dang!
*I have my villain and his wicked plot.
*I can envision several scenes.
*I hear witty banter.
*I feel the sexual tension.


Sorry. Didn’t mean to yell. It’s just that I’m frustrated. It’s like having all of the pieces of the puzzle in front of you, but not seeing how they fit.

I’ll get it though. Hell or high water. This weekend as a matter of fact. I’m off tomorrow and Sunday from the library. I’m locking myself in my writing room and I will not emerge until this sucker is done. Well, except to order some Chinese food … oh, and to visit the bathroom a few times as I will be drinking gallons of java.

By the way, my hero is a British Secret Service Agent. You know, a James Bond dude. Stealing from Barb/Elle here, but for the fun of it…. help me name my spy. Think British. Think Bond. Think sexy and cocky with the marshmallow heart.

Okay. What have you got?
SIS Beth


Sisters-in-Sync said...

Hi Beth,

I don't have a first name at the moment...all I can think of is Gordon, or Graham. But for the last name...Kingsley. I'll think on it more through the day. I love naming characters!

SIS Bren

Elle J Rossi said...

Hi Beth,

I love this. People gave me excellent ideas and I actually plan to use 2 of the names they recommended. This means I have to change the name of an existing character but that's okay!

OKay, for your hero I like Jagger, Roarke and Preston.

SIS Barb aka Elle J Rossi

Beth Ciotta said...

Oooh. So early in the morning and already some very cool names. Names I wouldn't have thought of. Thanks Brenda and Barb. I'll be rolling these around in my head today. Sort of getting a chuckle out of Preston Kingsley. Get why?

Keep 'em comin' folks!
SIS Beth

SIS BJ said...

Hi Beth

I like: Denham, Aaric, Ash and Kedrick

Richard said...

I'm thinking "Shamus Chilton." Too blatant ("shamus" being slang for "detective")?;) Chilton is just one of those Brit names I heard fairly often when in England, though admittedly more often as a given name. If it's any help, keep in mind that for a VERY long time in British history, surnames were directly related to and/or taken from the person's profession, changing even after their teen years. So, be creative -- "So-and-so Picket," ( a synonym for "spy") or such. Have fun with it!

Mary Stella said...

Sean something. I think it would be a tip of the hat to Sean Connery. Is this going to be his actual birth name or a name that he's taken on in his profession? Could he be Sean Moore or Sean Dalton? Sean Lazenby? Dalton Moore?

Someone suggested Roarke but that name is SO completely entwined with the Eve-Roarke couple of the In Death series. However, maybe you could have a one-named hero if you pick a name that could either be the given or the surname. Dalton. Preston. Connor.

Linda Wisdom said...

Hm, Ian, Liam, I adore Clive Owen, but I don't think of his name as sexy.

Hating synopsis writing isn't unusual. I'd rather have surgery without drugs than write one.

Tori Lennox said...

Simon. Love the name Simon. Maybe that's because I've been in love with The Saint aka Simon Templar for years. :)

SIS Brandy said...

I like BJ's Denham. I also think Kingsley would be a good first name as well as a last. Or what about Kingston? I'll try to think of some others, but it seems like everyone is coming up with some good stuff.

Beth Ciotta said...

Man, oh, man. Some really great suggestions here. What I love is that most of these that have never crossed my mind.

BJ, very cool names. Celtic?

Richard... I know Shamus is a term for detective, but I like the ring of of. Maybe as a nickname. Not for my spy, but anouther hero perhaps. Going to keep that in mind! Also, you said... "If it's any help, keep in mind that for a VERY long time in British history, surnames were directly related to and/or taken from the person's profession,..." I don't think I knew that. Interesting!

Beth Ciotta said...

Mary, Funny you should mention a nod to Sean Connery. I had the same idea the other night. The one name I was touing with was Julian Connery (Jules for short).

Also you said... "However, maybe you could have a one-named hero if you pick a name that could either be the given or the surname. Dalton. Preston. Connor."

Actually, that's kind of col. I could have a lot of fun with a spy who goes by one name only. Hmmm.

Beth Ciotta said...

Ooh, Linda. I love both Ian and Liam. Dang. I really opened a can of worms. Now instead of no name for my hero, now I have several! As for Clive Owen, I'm with you. The name doesn't really do it for me, but the man sure does!

As for writing a synopsis... either I don't hate it quite as much as you or I'm a total wimp. Probably the latter. No way would I undergo surgery w/o drugs!

SIS Beth

Beth Ciotta said...

Tori, I love the names Simon too. Also love 'The Saint'. Especially when he's played by Val Kilmer! Hmmm. Think I need to watch that movie again!

SIS Beth

Olga said...

Beth, you already have a great collection of names here! Hugs about the synopsis, and I feel your frustration. Best of luck!

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