Monday, August 16, 2010

No One Puts Baby in the Corner

Monday, August 16, 2010

First off, I'd like to thank everyone for their support and prayers for our brother. He is still fighting and being the true hero he is. While it is a tough time, we are so happy to be able to spend quality time with him and his family.

Something incredible happened this weekend. I know it'll be hard to believe, but I swear it's true. This weekend I became Patrick Swayze. That's right, folks. But let me be more precise. I was Johnny Castle from the Dirty Dancing movie. This movie just so happens to be one of my favorites. The soundtrack is fantastic and the dancing is just plain fun. How could I possibly just sit on the couch and watch? Not a chance. I sang, I danced and everyone laughed. I'm positive they were laughing because they were being thoroughly entertained and not because I looked like an idiot. 

I know what you're thinking? Didn't Johnny have a dance partner? A love interest? Why, yes, yes he did. Baby was the second star of Dirty Dancing and I couldn't have just anyone channel their inner "Baby". No, no. This person had to be special. This person had to rise up to the challenge. They had to want it and want it bad. I didn't even have to pick. This person dove off the couch for a lift that would amaze the finest dancers at the New York ballet. Unfortunately I didn't catch her like Johnny caught Baby, but we made up for it by improvising! Ladies and gentlemen, Baby was played by no other than SIS Bren! She was amazing. 

We sang every song, danced every routine and even though I'm sure it was quite annoying, I recited many lines.

But that wasn't the end. We were so inspired we decided to move on to Danny Zuko and Sandra Dee. I got to be the girl this time!!! Oh, yes! We rocked Grease for about 30 minutes, but then our energy started to recede and we ended up on the couch singing along for the rest of the movie. All in all, a fantastic night of movies and fun.

The look on our brothers face was priceless. I'm not sure if it was pride, embarrassment or wonder, but I do know that it was definitely fun and entertaining for all who were present. 

Next time, I think Bren and I will charge admission!

How about you? Any favorite movies that you just have to act out? Who have you become lately?

SIS Barb aka Elle J Rossi


Beth Ciotta said...

Apparently, I flew out a day too early. Not sure I would have joined in, but I definitely would have enjoyed the show. :)

Though intensely emotional, I, too, cherish the past week that I spent with Bobby and his family and, of course, my amazing sisters (who are, by the way, amazing rocks). I also enjoyed the movie marathons. I still can't believe I watched WILD HOGS twice. And laughed just as many times the second time!

Love to all!
SIS Beth

Mary Jo said...


You and your sisters sound like so much fun! :-)

As for a movie? The King and I (yeah, dates me) bounced around in my head all weekend, yeah I sang the songs, remembered how many times I saw it in the theater, and then a phrase/word the King, oh yeah, Yul Brynner who's bald head and sexy stance caused women of all ages to swoon, used the word in dialogue and song--puzzlement. Anyway, that was my blog title this week.

And I love Dirty Dancing...sigh

Good post.

Tori Lennox said...

You guys always have so much fun! :)

I can't think of any movies I have an urge to act out. *heavy dramatic sigh*

Elle J Rossi said...


You absolutely flew out too early and I'm certain you would have joined in, especially during Grease!

Watching so many movies makes me want to watch even more. I'll take any and all suggestions!

Elle J Rossi said...

Mary Jo,

Thanks. We definitely have fun and really couldn't care less if we make fools out of ourselves. (which we usually do)!

I was out of town yesterday, but I'll make sure to hop over to your blog today!

So happy to know you also sing! What fun!

Elle J Rossi said...


You can't think of any? You? Really? That surprises me. Okay, what about TV characters? I know you could come up with something there.

Edie Ramer said...

Sounds like so much fun. I've never acted out any movies, especially ones that have singing in them. If you heard me sing, you'd know why. I envy you your talent.

But if you want suggestions, Meryl Streep's character in Mamma Mia might be fun--though you're too young to play the character.

Krys said...

I think I -have- paid admission to see you and Brenda a time for two! ;0) And yes, it was worth it.

I simply cannot resist singing and talking along to the movie 'Grease', which I've seen almost 100 times by now. The 'Rocky Horror Picture Show' is another one although I don't know it as well as Grease.

Steve said...

"Not sure if I would have joined in..." Really, Beth? You would've shoved Brenda out of the way snarling, "NOBODY plays Baby but me!"

I will confess that once, while watching WEST SIDE STORY, when I heard the opening vamp to "I Feel Pretty", damned if I didn't jump up, grab a nice strapless number out of my wife's closet and sing and prance around the room like a little schoolgirl.....wait.....have I said too much?

Beth Ciotta said...

Um... STEVE? As in my husband, Steve? Ooh, boy. You're in for it now SISters. He thinks he's incredibly funny. Can't get enough of himself. Then again... neither can I! Hey. Wait. I have a strapless dress?

SIS Beth

Elle J Rossi said...


You are too kind. I'll definitely watch Mamma Mia. I'd love to have another character in my repertoire.

Elle J Rossi said...


Why yes you have!!! But admission has gone way, way up! You may need to pay 1 mill next time.

Can you believe I've never seen Rocky Horror Picture Show? Gasp!

Elle J Rossi said...


Welcome, welcome. Pour yourself some wine and do become a frequent visitor at SIS. We're thrilled to have you! Perhaps you could guest blog? Give it some thought and have your people get back to me.

I had a feeling you raided your wife's closet every now and again. Perhaps a fashion show is in your future???

Steve said...


I would never fit into one of Beth's dresses, so
I just kinda held it up against myself. But, hey, a guy can dream.

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