Saturday, August 21, 2010

Leap Of Faith

Saturday, August 21, 2010

I read a story last week that I wanted to share with you. An advertising executive was walking to a restaurant in Manhattan to join her friends for lunch when she was approached by a homeless man who asked her if she had any change she could spare. She didn't, but offered to let the man borrow her American Express Platinum Card. Needless to say, people who witnessed this were stunned by her apparent lack of common sense. She would never see him or her card again, they told her. They were wrong.

A few minutes later the man returned with deodorant, body wash, a pack of cigarettes and Vitamin water. He thanked her and returned her card. She said that she never once thought that he wouldn't come back with her card and he said that he never considered keeping it. Her act of kindness and leap of faith made a difference in the man's life and hopefully had a positive impact on those people who witnessed it and later heard about it on the news.

My own greatest leap of faith happened a little over ten years ago. I was single with not much of a romantic social life and still living at home. Then completely unexpectedly I met someone online that I could relate to. I met her in person, got to know her and moved in with her even though there were a few issues at the time. It hasn't always been easy, but we're still together and will be as long as she will put up with me.

What is the greatest leap of faith you've ever taken? How did it work out?


SIS BJ said...

Great story Krys.

My greatest leap of faith was getting my drivers license at 25 years of age. It's still some times hard to take that leap and drive places.

SIS Barb said...


What a great story! I hadn't heard about that, so I thank you for sharing. Taking a leap of faith? Sadly nothing comes to mind...
I need to give this some more thought!

Tori Lennox said...

I saw that story on the news a few days ago, Krys. We need MORE stories like it!

I can't think of anything off the top of my head personally. :(

Beth Ciotta said...

Great post, Krys!

My greatest leap of faith? I guess that would be plunging into writing my first book and everything that came after. I worked my butt off to learn the craft. I'm still learning, and still leaping.

:) SIS Beth

Krys said...

BJ - I got my license in my 20's also and I know what you mean. You just have to realize, like I did, that you are a great driver and everyone else on the road is a maniac :)

Barb - I have a feeling that you'll come up with something!

Tori - You too, get busy and think of something! lol

Beth - I had a feeling that was going to be it for you...I don't handle rejection well so I can't imagine putting my creative self out there for others to judge...Bravo to you for doing so!

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