Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Real Life Brady Bunch

Tuesday, June 22, 2010
For those of you who don't know, I have my own Brady Bunch. I have my three beautiful girls and Omar has three fabulous boys.  Just like the show!!

Most of the time we are not all together, but when we do all meet up we have some very interesting moments.  This last week we took the girls down to Texas... so the Brady Bunch was reunited!  There, of course, isn't  a dull moment (or a quiet one) to be found.

Most of the bunch is pretty close in age.  We have two 14 year olds , one 12 year old, two that are 10, and the littlest brings up the rear at 4.  The older they get, the more expensive it is to have them together.  Just trying to feed them will break the bank!!  The two oldest boys ( especially the oldest) could eat a whole cow for dinner.  No joke - they are bottomless pits.  My girls aren't much better. 

We've been pretty thrifty with the activities for the group.  Been doing lots of swimming and watching movies at the house.  I think all the kids are having fun since we haven't heard any complaining.

Everyone in the bunch has been getting along great.  Gone are the days of the power struggle between the oldest boy and oldest girl!  It is nice to see them being good to each other.  They all spoil the youngest... she must be in heaven.  And the 10 years olds love to explore together.

Having everyone together is very tiring and hectic for Omar and I, but we definitely are not complaining.  It is nice to be able to have the families together.  It gives  the illusion that we have normal lives - even if its only for a week or two at a time.

We should have our own show on TV.  The modern day Brady Bunch.  We could put a great spin on the original.

Is your life like any TV show?  If you and your family had their own show what would it be called?

SIS Brandy


SIS BJ said...

Hi Brandy

I don't know what TV show I would be but I would love to be The Addams Family. They are my favorite TV family.

SIS Brandy said...


I should have know you would pick the Addams Family! I could see you lving to be a part of that show. What could we call your character?!?

SIS Brandy said...

um ... loving is what I meant to say

Alyson Reuben said...

We're Scarecrow and Mrs. King. My hubby is a super spy and I'm his suburban housewife sidekick. We keep our dangerous lifestyle a secret from the rest of the family.

Just kidding. But wouldn't that make a great book or a recreated TV show?

In reality, we're probably more like the old Dick Van Dyke show.

Beth Ciotta said...

I loved this post! Big hugs to everyone in the Brandy/Omar Bunch.

I have no idea what TV show my little family would be. Perhaps some sort of cross between a travel show and the Dog Whisperer. :)

SIS Beth

Krys said...

Hmm, 'Beauty and the Beast'? I'm pretty sure Wendy would appreciate that one :)

Elle J Rossi said...

I'm pretty sure our TV show is Wipeout. There's a ton of antics, jumping off of and over everything, injuries and yelling.

Definitely WIPEOUT!

SIS Brandy said...


I guess I am too young! I don't know what the Dick VanDyke show is about. So sad!

SIS Brandy said...


Great choice. Both shows fit you guys greatly!


You hit it right on the head.


Beast? No way!! But still good pick

Alyson Reuben said...

Wow, Brandy, I'm finally showing my age, huh? Not really. It's in the same time frame as the Andy Griffith show, and it originally aired when my Mom was 8 years old. But my parents watched reruns of the show ALL the time when I was a kid.

I can't think of any modern shows that are similar to my family. Not sure if that's good or bad????

Tori Lennox said...

Well, since I joke about living in Hooterville, I guess I'm either living in Green Acres or Petticoat Junction. *g*

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