Friday, June 11, 2010

Letting Go, Paying Forward

Friday, June 11, 2010
There’s something to be said for letting go of worries and self-doubt. For letting loose and pouring your heart into a project even though you have no guarantee it will be financially fruitful. For giving yourself permission not to work on said project but instead to fill the creative well. To immerse yourself in . . . life.

Last week I was a bit overwhelmed, perhaps overly concerned with the future of my writing career. Second guessing my choices and talent. Luckily, I have dear friends who gave me a cyber smack, advising me to relax and trust my gut . . . and talent.

So I did.

This past weekend was a three-day weekend for me. I ignored the urge to explore new writing projects and pushed ahead on the project that’s currently sitting with several publishers. I had a blast doing so! I also cleaned my house and shopped for flowers to plant in my backyard. I wanted create a reading garden and I did.

I read . . . a lot. I played with my dogs. I did domestic stuff. I watched movies and spent quality time with my husband.

I lived.

Over the past two days, out of the blue, I received an awesome opportunity to promote my most current release OUT OF EDEN. And the next day, an amazing offer to promote my September release INTO THE WILD. And then, only a few hours after, an invitattion to participate in a wondrous possible project spearheaded by a dear friend. The project isn't definite, so I can't speak about it yet. Still, to be considered is a thrill. I feel . . . blessed.  And grateful.

More than ever I'm contemplating the phrase—pay it forward.

Has anyone gone above and beyond on your behalf lately? Have you considering ‘paying it forward’? If so, how?

SIS Beth


SIS BJ said...

Hi Beth

A reading garden sounds lovely. It is good to know that your friends had such encouraging words for you. I'm happy that things seem to be going well.

I love the paying it forward concept. I do it all the time and encourage others to as well.

Mary Stella said...

I also love the "pay it forward" idea. I have received so much assistance and support from more experienced author friends. I try to pay it forward by being helpful to writers working toward publication.

Elle J Rossi said...


I bet you LOVE your backyard now. And was hubby impressed? Now just remember to water the flowers!

Congrats on the good news and thanks for the reminder to pay it forward.

Beth Ciotta said...

BJ and Barb, I really do love the flowers AND I've been good about watering. I've almost had them a whole week now. :)

As for paying forward... Mary, BJ and Barb... I KNOW you all three so so. And I KNOW your generous hearts will be rewarded in kind.

Knocking off early tonight to fill that creative well. Have a great evning all!

SIS Beth

Edie Ramer said...

Recently, two writers offered to help me do something, one of whom I hardly know. So when another writer wanted to pay me to do something for her, I refused to take money and just did it. It makes me feel good to do something back.

Enjoy your reading garden! It sounds lovely.

~Sia McKye~ said...

Yay Beth. You are a remarkably talented writer and I am looking forward INTO THE WILD.

You know, there are time we really need to stop and realize how blest we are. Enjoy the life we have and those in it. I'm glad you did. It always refreshes, doesn't it?

Paying forward. I never quite thought of it in those terms. I've always been one to lend a helping hand and support to people--authors and otherwise. Kinda along the principle, what goes around comes around. I do it because it's an innate part me, not so someone will pay back and help me.

I'm thinking you are very similiar in that regard. :-)

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