Saturday, June 5, 2010

Build-A-Story Workshop

Saturday, June 5, 2010

I've only seen this done a couple of times, but both times it seemed like a neat idea and it will allow everyone to participate, so here goes: I'm going to start a story, and the next person that posts will add whatever they want to what I wrote, and so on with each new post. Lets see what kind of story we can come up with!

It was a dark and stormy night. Flashes of lightning briefly lit up the darkness like electric spider webs, quickly followed by deafening claps of thunder. Wind-driven rain assaulted the massive Antebellum mansion that loomed atop a low hill overlooking an expansive bayou. Inside the mansion.....


Mary Stella said...

Inside the mansion.....

the teenagers slipped through the window they'd jimmied open. They crept across the massive living room, past ghostly sheets shrouding the furniture. Dust motes floated in the flashlight beams.

The boy in the lead, whipped around suddenly, swung his light to his face and widened his eyes. "Bwahahahahaha!"

The girls shrieked, then tittered. One play-swatted his arm. "Knock it off, Tony."

"Be afraid," he intoned, like a teenaged Vincent Price. "Who knows what evil lurks in the haunted mansion? Be verrry afraid."

The other girl snorted. "Mice and roaches. That's the only evil here."

They entered the hall and shone their lights up at the magnificent, huge chandelier. Crystal tear drops sparkled and then . . .

Sisters-in-Sync said...

Crystal tear drops sparkled and then...
somewhere in the darkness beyond, they heard a sinister laugh.

"How did you do that,Tony? I mean you're standing right here so how did you throw your voice like that?" asked Samantha.

"I didn't do it," whispered Tony with a shaky voice.

Slowly they dropped their arms so that the flashlights were lighting the hall up ahead. They gave each other terrified looks and then as if they had no control of their own legs, they inched forward, Tony in the lead, the girls with one hand each on his shoulders.

They crept along until they reached the door at the end of the hall. It was a tall door, at least 9 feet tall, and it was adorned with a crystal doorknob that seemed to be glowing a soft shade of blue.

Tony reached for the doorknob and then paused, unable to control his shaking hand.

"Go on, OPEN it" prodded Janie. "It was your idea to come in this old house so stop being a fraidy cat!"

Tony swallowed hard, closed his eyes, and wrapped his fingers around the glowing knob. The moment he turned the knob...

(SIS Bren)

Anonymous said...

The moment he turned the knob the light the room was plunged into darkness. Janie frantically shook her flashlight to no avail. Slowly a dim light started to glimmer in the next room. Frightened to the core, the three teenager huddled together afraid to move a muscle.

Suddenly Tony broke free and slowly started to walk towards the glowing light.

Janie whispered "Tony, what are you doing, don't go in there."

Tony seemed mesmerized by the growing light and continued to walk into the next room.

Janie reached out to hold Gail's hand for some comfort. But Gail was gone.

Beth Ciotta said...

But Gail was gone.

"Gail! Where are you? Tony! Stop!" Heart pounding, Janie reached in both directions, reached for both friends, but her fingers sliced through the air. She squinted behind her, toward the darkness and saw Gail fleeing down the stairs. She swiveled and squinted into the blinding light just as monstrous hairy hand grabbed Tony and pulled him into the core of the beam.

"Janie!" he yelled from oblivion. "I need the glowing door knob. Hurry!"

Then she heard a shriek and a loud thump. "Janie!" Gail cried. "I fell and . . . I think I broke my ankle and. . . something's coming toward. Janie, help me!"

That sinister laugh echoed all around her, taunting her. "You can't save them both."

Fear and anger burned and melded and Janie braced herself for the Transformation. She'd yet to learn how to control it and once it started she couldn't stop it. Her friends didn't know about her superpowers, but they soon would. Sparks shot from her fingertips as her body started morphing.

Tony shouted from the Light. Gail cried from the Dark. The evil entity laughed. And Janie . . .

(SIS Beth)

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