Monday, August 31, 2009

What You Said?

Monday, August 31, 2009

I was trying to come up with something to write about today and got nothing. So, my next plan was to ask ‘Drama’ what she thought.

“I need a topic. Can you help me out?”

“Sure,” Drama said. “Write about butterflies.”

I just smiled. She’s 7. Her world is cool, funky clothes and butterflies.

I moved on to ‘Comedy’.

“Hey, buddy. I need something to write about. What should Mama write about?”

Comedy shrugged. “What you said?”

I laughed and I know Bren will too. He’s 4 and for some reason instead of saying what did you say like everyone else, he says what you said? Bren and her husband LOVE when he says that.

He then told me I should write about Ben 10. I think Ben 10 is kind of a super hero of some sort. Drama started arguing that it should either be flowers or butterflies but definitely not Ben 10.

I should have never asked, the arguing continued for about (Ben) 10 minutes. But still, it got me thinking. What if we always said the first things that popped into our heads? We used to, right? Way back in the day when we were young and didn’t know better, when life was simple.

But what if we did it now? It could be fun, with the right people.

Every day, people ask, “How are you?” How about instead of “fine. And you?”, we actually tell them how we are? They don’t really want to know—mostly—and if we answer honestly maybe they won’t ask again unless they really mean it.

“How are you?”

“Really sh**ty, thanks. And you?”

Oh man, picture the look on their face.

And what if when someone asks us what we’d like to eat, where we want to go for dinner, we actually tell them instead of “Oh, it doesn’t matter. Anything’s fine.”

Because chances are you’re gonna end up somewhere you didn’t want to be eating food you’re not in the mood for.

Oh, I know. How about this one?

“Is there anything special you’d like for your birthday/Christmas/fill in any celebration?”

“Oh no. I don’t need anything.”

Are you kidding me? I may not need anything but I most definitely want some things. Next time someone asks me, I’m going for it.

“Is there anything special you’d like for your birthday?”

“Hell yeah. I’d like a dog, a Mini-Cooper, a maid, new boots, a $1,000 gift certificate to the book store and another one to a coffee shop, a house without rust in the water and one more thing…A list of interesting Blog topics!”

How about you? What question would you change your everyday answer to and tell them how you really felt?

~~SIS Barb aka Elle J Rossi~~


~Sia McKye~ said...

hmmm, saying the first thing that came to mind would get me into trouble, lol! Not to mention shocking those that think I'm the queen of tact.

Of late, I've had friends and family who have decided that I don't have enough to think about or do so they need to drop their emotional baggage into my lap or at my house. Like I don't have enough clutter right now. Actually, I do say to those that constantly ask advice, "Didn't we talk about this a couple of days ago? So did you try X, Y, or Z? No? Well give them a try and let me know what happens."

Blog ideas? I keep a file of snatches of ideas. I look through them and whatever hits my fancy, and flesh them out-- providing I have the brain specks to devolop them.

I looked everywhere and there's not a butterfly in!

Sisters-in-Sync said...

Oh, absolutely, Sia!

Why do people ask for advice when then never, ever heed it? Perhaps sometimes we should just give them a look and never offer up anything. I'm gonna try it. I'll let you know if it works.

No butterflies, huh? Thanks for looking.

SIS Barb aka Elle J Rossi

Tori Lennox said...

I find the older I get the more likely I am to say what's on my mind. Especially online. Maybe that's why Facebook is peeved with me. LOL!

Sisters-in-Sync said...

You and Facebook will make up. Of that I have no doubt.

I don't know if it's an age thing with me or just depending on who I'm talking to but there are times when I say exactly what I'm thinking and others where my tongue id bleeding from biting it so hard.

SIS Barb

Sisters-in-Sync said...

I loved this post. Snickered throughout. I rarely say the first thing comes to mind. Or maybe I should say, if what comes to mind is confrontational or offensive in any way, I bite my tongue. I'm a big time internalizer.

That said, I do find I have less patience with certain behavior as I grow older (like rudeness) and lthough I may not say what I'm thinking, it no doubt shows in my expression and body language. :)

As for blog topics... you always come up with something entertaining, Barb. You didn't have a topic today, and how much fun was this?

SIS Beth

Sisters-in-Sync said...


I also bite my tongue a lot. I wish sometimes I could say exactly what was on my mind. Not long ago while going through a very difficult period in my life, I would keep everything to myself. I tried very hard not to tell people exactly how I was doing because I felt that it was personal. A friend said to me "We just don't know anything that is going on with you anymore". So the next time he asked how I was, I told him. He said to me "I really don't want to hear it. I have my own problems". I guess he wasn't the friend I thought he was. My point is, you're exactly right. Most people don't really want to know how you are. They are just being polite.

Like you, I have a few choice friends (sisters included) that I will say anything to. But for the most part I keep my mouth shut.

"Comedy" always cracks me up with his "What you said" and "Bubble head" and "Honey, where's my super suit?".

Maybe when I'm old and senile, I'll just let the words fly. I hope I am with it enough to enjoy the reactions, though.

SIS Bren

Sisters-in-Sync said...

Hi, Beth.

I have little tolerance for rude people as well. Especially working at a dental office, we are the brunt of quite a bit rude/nasty behavior. For the most part, I chalk it up to fear but it's still hard to bite my tongue when I'm being sworn at.

SIS Barb

Sisters-in-Sync said...


Why don't you just pretend your senile and let it fly now. But first, let me get my popcorn so I can watch the show.

For the person that told you they have their own problems, wouldn't it have been nice to say..."Yeah, but mine are more important than yours and you asked so sit your a** down and listen!"

SIS Barb

Fedora said...

LOL!!! Drama and Comedy are too precious! And LOL at some of the possible questions that suddenly turn a conversation into a minefield if we choose to pull off all social convention of niceties ;)

"So, what I can do to help?" "You could start with cleaning my house and bringing something over for dinner. And please get the kids to finish their homework and I'll be in the back room for a bit of a lie down..."

That'll be last time anyone offers ;)

Sisters-in-Sync said...

Fedora! You nailed that one. You know they so want you to say that you don't need a thing. You've got it all under control. I have given someone something to do in the past and can you say Holy Body Language??!!

SIS Barb

Sisters-in-Sync said...


That was hysterical! It reminds me of moving day. When friends find out you're moving, every one says "Call me if you need help". And then you do, and suddenly every one is busy.

Or "Your kids are great! I'd love to watch them anytime!" And so you ask, but no one is available that weekend!

SIS Bren

Fedora said...

LOL! True enough! I have heard that offer more than once--I really ought to whip the calendar right out then and there and see if I can pin down a date immediately! I'll let you all know if dead silence follows ;)

Olga said...

Actually, when people asked me, "How are you?" I used to answer every time (I don't do it anymore), "Life sucks, and then we die. And how about yourself?" The look on their faces - priceless!

Taylor said...


I first want you to know that this is a wholly original blog today, don't underestimate yourself!! Second, the first time I was introduced to Ben 10 was at the library. A grandmother and her grandson came up to the front desk and she spoke for her grandson. "He's looking for books on Ben 10". Of course at the time, I didn't know what Ben 10 was...or if it was pronounced as Ben Ten. It took me about 10 minutes (cough cough) to figure out what she was looking for because I started searching for stuff under "benton" or "been tin". Gosh, what a stupid confusing cartoon title for us adults, huh?

Anyway, onto your subject: I try to answer often with optimism. While I feel inclined to complain, I second-think myself and usally answer with "I can't complain" or "I'm feeling pretty good today" because I know that it's the truth. Or if I do complain it's usally still optimistic: "Ugghh, I feel so stuffy and sick today but aside from that everything's good." I have a habit of doing that alot haha.

And you know what question always bothers me? Asking about friends and family. Not because I don't like talking about friends and family but because my answer is often "He/she/they is/are great." It's such a boring response, and that's all you ever say!! I don't know how else to respond to this question other than that response! Any suggestions?!

Sisters-in-Sync said...

Love that one, Olga! keep them surprised at all times!

SIS Barb

Sisters-in-Sync said...

Hey Taylor!

Totally agree about the Ben 10 name!!

Oh I have a great suggestion for your "relative" about, "well funny you should ask. They just got back from a trip to Antartica, where they wrestled with a Yedi and dug themselves out of an avalanche only to get lost in the whiteout blizzard but thankfully they were rescued by a team of St. Bernards. Other than that, they've been pretty good."

What do you think????

SIS Barb

Sisters-in-Sync said...

I actually do know how to spell Antarctica, but I was on a roll and my fingers were flying!

SIS Barb

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