Friday, July 31, 2009

Smelling the Roses

Friday, July 31, 2009

Um. My feature day sort of snuck up on me. I had every intention of expanding on last week's topic: PROTECT THE WORK. And I will.... at some point. Just now I don't have the brain cells or time. Instead, I'm going to quickly share a thought and a couple of pictures.

Today I ran across a journal that was connected to the best-selling book, THE SECRET. I've never read THE SECRET. I don't know what 'the secret' is. I just know this book was an Oprah pick and hence gazillion people just HAD to read it. Anyway, I read the intro of this 'SECRET' journal and essentially it was about postive thinking. I'm a big fan of postive thinking, although lately it's been a problem for me. This journal instructed you to write down things you are grateful for. Every day. It got me thinking about how, these days, I seem to worry more about what's wrong in my life, instead of what's right.

Today I choose to think about what's right, what's great in my life. I skimmed some photo files and came across pictures from a surprise party that my husband and entertainer friends threw me in celebration of the release of my first solo book, JINXED.
Wow. How lucky am I?

I'm grateful that a publisher took a chance on me.

I'm grateful that this launched a career that led me to HQN, Harlequin.

I'm grateful that people read my books (and email me to say they enjoyed them)

I'm grateful for my husband and friends who were so proud and happy for me that they threw a surprise party.

It's so easy to get caught up in the 'business'. So easy to obsess on the bumps and road blocks. So easy to forget to stop and smell the roses and to 'see' how very lucky we are.

So, slow down, step back, and tell me. What are you grateful for?


Sisters-in-Sync said...

Good morning, Beth!

So glad you took the time. Remember that story about the 'dash'? That is truly what's important and even though all of us get caught up in the day to day chaos, we absolutely have to take the time to enjoy the people and the world around us!

I am grateful for family above everything else. I am grateful to have truly wonderful friends. I am grateful that Bren answers her phone when I call her...everyday. I am grateful that I count on Beth to send me at least one woo-hoo email a day even though she has deadlines. I am grateful for french fries and pizza. I am grateful that I can still laugh.

How's that? Want me to go on? When I look at it this way, I wonder how its possible to ever have a bad day. I need to think about that!

SIS Barb

Richard said...

Pretty much all for what you're saying, Beth; but would just interject that, as long as it doesn't become a nasty (annoying!) habit, giving thought to the downside of your life is healthy. It's all about balance. Too much thought of all the GREAT things, you get burned. The dangers of thinking the opposite are obvious. Or, to be more "poetic" (this IS a writers' blog!! :)), stopping to SMELL the roses is a GREAT idea -- just don't forget to GRAB them once and a while to remind yourself that those damned thorns HURT!

B.J. said...

Hi Beth, Great post. I am greatful for my two beautiful girls. I love it when they come up to me and give me a hug and tell me they love me for no reason. Of course they sometimes want something in return, like a day at the park. Just to see them smile and laugh makes my day. I am also thankful for my sisters, my brother and my mom.

Olga said...

Beth, you're totally right. I also try to think about all the things I'm grateful for (I used to try to write daily 5 of such things). But frankly, right now I'm just glad to be alive and kicking, lol!

Tori Lennox said...

I try to be positive but it's really hard sometimes, isn't it?

Well, I'm thankful every day for all the wonderful friends I've made in the blogosphere. :)

Beth Ciotta said...

Barb, yes, I remember the 'dash' story. GREAT message. I loved your 'gratitude' list and I know it was just a sampling. My list would go on and on, too. I am grateful for so many things, including my wonderful husband, my family and friends, my beloved pets, my HEALTH, my job, my writing....

I liked that this journal asked you to jot down one or two things every day. Although the intent of 'THE SECRET' was to attract positve happenings and success through postive thinking, I believe jotting down the things we're grateful for also helps to keep us sane. ;)

SIS Beth (who is also grateful for egg drop soup)

Beth Ciotta said...

So Richard, basically you're saying... be grateful and positive, but also be aware and grounded. Right? I get that. As for balance, I know it is key. Wish I could find it. It is my current quest! Any advice?

SIS Beth

Beth Ciotta said...

Hi, BJ. Sounds like your blessing are many. So deserved! Keep that positive glow and may it attract many, many more blessings!

SIS Beth

Beth Ciotta said...

Olga and Tori, indeed keeping a positive outlook is sometimes a bear! I guess that's when we get down to the nitty gritty basics--like Olga said. We're alive and kickin'!

By the way, kind of along the same path, check out JA Konrath's most recent post, "Get Better, Not Bitter." He's listed in the SIS Blog roll. Great post!

SIS Beth

Sisters-in-Sync said...


So glad that you were able to find the time to post. I know it can't be easy for you right now.

I am grateful for my family; my brother, my sisters, my mom, my boys and my husband. I am especially grateful every day that I still have my husband. After his stroke, I wasn't sure how much longer I would have him or how much of him I would have. He suffered a brain stem stroke and could have lost his speech, his ability to eat and his ability to take care of himself. He worked so hard at his recovery and now most people would not know that he ever even had a stroke. I am grateful for his recovery.
There are so many things I am grateful for and I try to go through my list every night before I go to sleep!

SIS Bren

Richard said...

Hi, Beth,

Just saw that you asked ME for advice --- LOL!! You ARE confused;)!

Seriously, I'd have to say that I'd just have to be part of your Round Table, being "u-knighted" in that same quest. But, just looking at my own family and their trials and tribulations, as well as what they say they admire ME for, getting MY balance derives mainly from my ability (though, admittedly, sometimes SLOW in coming!) to kick my own ass at any given time. In other words, I can spend countless wasted moments crying about this and whining about that; BUT, in relative short order, I so far have always been able to stomp on my brakes, take a step back and yell at myself, "Dude! Get OVER it! It's REALLY not all THAT bad! Quit being a baby and get back to work!" Sound simplistic? Well, that's the other thing -- I find that most of the time, it's that Occam's Razor thing (or, you could go cinematically with "City Slicker"'s Curly's "one thing" philosophy;)!) ... the SIMPLEST answer is often the RIGHT answer!:)

And, thanks for asking!

Olga said...

Beth, thanks, and thanks for the tip!

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