Thursday, July 9, 2009

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Thursday, July 9, 2009

SIS Barb says…

I read A LOT. Most of the time, I read fiction, however, since starting my writing endeavor I’ve picked up a couple of “how-to” books. These books have been incredibly helpful and as my writing talent grows, so does my passion and confidence.

My Pick of the Week: The Magic of Writing (How to Write and Publish the Book that is Inside You)

From common mistakes to inspiring homework assignments to incredible tips, this book has it all. The Magic of Writing inspired me more than any of the others I’ve read. It kept me interested with great examples of good vs. better, showing vs. telling, the –ing and –ly words and everything in between. I HIGHLY recommend this book to any beginning writer.

Author: Linda J Falkner

SIS Bren says...

I love it when I pick up a book, begin to read, and can't put it down until I have finished reading it. Of course I take breaks for things like feeding the children and sleeping, but other than that, non-stop reading. I usually finish books like that in two days! The down fall is that it almost always leaves me with the feeling of wanting more. And so it was with...

My pick of the week: ANGELS & DEMONS
This book captured me from the very first lines of the proloque. Although it is a fictional work, it is also filled with many facts...ancient and current...that had me intrigued. I know that most people have probably already read this book from the author of "The DaVinci Code", but I couldn't help but recommend it. I read it once and then, when the illustrated version was released, I bought that and read it again. It was great to be able to see the works of art as he was describing them. I preferred this book to "The DaVinci Code" and can't wait for September when his newest novel "The Lost Symbol" is released. Happy Reading!

Author: Dan Brown

SIS Beth says…

This week’s recommendation is a no-brainer and very fresh in my mind. I gobbled it up over the holiday weekend. It was my treat when breaking away from the intense revisions on my own book. Lucky for me, it proved inspiring as well as entertaining. Bonus!

My pick of the Week: Dead Until Dark

I’ve never been huge on vampires. There have been a few exceptions—movie wise. Dracula starring Gary Oldman, Interview with a Vampire starring Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt, and, most recently, Twilight starring those beautiful young people. I was entranced. . . seduced by the fanged wonders, even though I find the whole blood drinking thing disgusting. Although, all adapted from books, I never read the original works. (Bren’s cringing right now.)

Recently, I’ve been hearing a awful lot about the HBO series True Blood. Adapted from a series of Charlaine Harris books featuring heroine Sookie Stackhouse. These books are incredibly popular, and though intrigued to check out the TV adaptation, I decided to read the book first. I started with the first in the series, Dead Until Dark, and was blown away. I adored Harris’s voice, her writing style, her storytelling. I was sucked into her vampire world and seduced by her vampire, Bill. That’s right. A vampire named Bill. Gotta love that. How to describe the story… Quirky, endearing, creepy, mysterious, sexy…engrossing. I’ve already ordered book two. Oh, and I put the first season of True Blood on hold at my library. I am officially a Sookie/Bill geek.

Author: Charlaine Harris


Tori Lennox said...

I have a bunch of how-to books but I rarely seem to actually read them. Same with all my research books, though they do get read more than the how-to books. :)

Loved Angels & Demons. I thought it was better than The Da Vinci Code too!

And I adore the Sookie Stackhouse series! Some day I hope to even see True Blood (I don't have HBO).

Sisters-in-Sync said...

Hi Tori,

I tried to watch the HBO series, True Blood. Hated it. Beth assures me that the books are awesome. I'm a huge vamp fan so I'll give them a try.

SIS Barb

Sisters-in-Sync said...

Hey, Tori! Howdy, Barb and Bren.

Awfully quiet today at SIS. I'll assume that means everyone read our recs then ran out to buy these books before thay had a chance to comment. Yeah. That's it. ;)

SIS Beth

Sisters-in-Sync said...

Hello Everyone,

Yes it is quiet. I'm sure everyone is busy reading! I've been working...would much rather be reading!

SIS Bren

B.J. said...

Barb, That sounds like a book I should read.

Brenda, I liked Angels And Demons,but I liked the story line of The Da Vinci Code better.

Beth, I love anything about vampires. I watch True Blood but I haven't read the books yet.

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