Thursday, July 2, 2009

Cafe Chaos - Books

Thursday, July 2, 2009
Welcome to Café Chaos. Grab a cup of coffee or tea (we prefer coffee) and join us for a chat. Every Thursday we’ll offer recommendations for book lovers. Feel free to comment on our picks or to throw in a few of your own. We’re listening!

SIS Barb says...
I love reading authors that write series books and trilogies. Getting to know characters and then seeing what they’ve been up to in the following books is a special bonus treat. Some stories are so good, I never want them to end so when I find a trilogy by an author I know writes some good stuff—I am one excited book nerd!

My Pick of the Week: Deadly Night—The Flynn Brothers Trilogy

Set in New Orleans, Louisiana, Deadly Night is a chilling paranormal thriller that takes you from the year 1863 to present day and back again. The house is rumored to be haunted. Is it? This story will make you wonder about those odd feelings you’ve felt when you’re sitting alone in your house at night. Deadly Night is the first book in The Flynn Brothers Trilogy. I’ve read the second book—Deadly Harvest—and was equally entertained and quaking in my boots. I just ordered the third book—Deadly Gift—and can’t wait for it to arrive.

Author: Heather Graham

SIS Brenda says...
I am a firm believer in reading the book before seeing the movie. I feel that it allows me to form my own visualization of what the people and their surroundings look like. It's fun for me to imagine that I am there and seeing the story as it unfolds. I have been holding out on seeing the three movies from this trilogy and it's killing me... but I know it will be worth it.

My pick of the week: The Bourne Identity
The Bourne Identity is a thriller that takes place during the cold war. This book is packed full of action and intrique. Spies, beaurocrats, assassins, romance, amnesia...what more could you ask for? I could not put this book down and once I finished it, I immediately went out and bought the second, The Bourne Supremacy. Only a few chapters in, I am loving it as well.
From the back cover:
His memory is a blank. His bullet-ridden body was fished from the Mediterranean Sea. His face has been altered by plastic surgery. A frame of microfilm has been surgically implanted in his hip. Even his name is a mystery. Marked for death, he is racing for survival through a bizarre world of murderous conspirators--led by Carlos, the world's most dangerous assassin. Who is Jason Bourne? The answer may kill him.

Author: Rober Ludlum

SIS Beth says…
In addition to owning oodles of fiction books, I have a pretty extensive collection of non-fiction works. Most are for different areas of research, but a few fall into the self-help, how-to, and motivational categories. How-to books on writing have been invaluable to me, but just now it is my creative soul that needs tending.

My Pick of the Week: the Artist’s Way –A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity

Several years ago, I had the pleasure of hearing Julia Cameron, motivational speaker and author, lecture at an RWA Conference. I do believe the woman inspired every single writer in the room, and there were hundreds. The great thing about the Artist’s Way is that it not just for writers, but for all aspiring or working artists.

From the back cover blurb: Cameron leads you through a comprehensive twelve-week program to recover your creativity from a variety of blocks, including limiting beliefs, fear, self-sabotage, jealousy, guilt, addictions, and other inhibiting forces, replacing them with artistic confidence and productivity.

I haven’t read this book or practiced its techniques in a very long time. I aim on revisiting Cameron’s world pronto!

Author: Julia Cameron


Tori Lennox said...

I love series too, Barb. I'm always disappointed when they end. Though I am mostly annoyed when they end prematurely. If the author has said there's going to be X number of books, then I'm more okay with it. But having a series leaving me hanging is every bit as bad as a TV show getting canceled with a cliffhanger ending. Drives. Me. Insane. :)

B.J. said...

Barb: The Flynn Brothers Trilogy sounds good. I love paranormal stories, especially those set in New Orleans.

Brenda: I've seen the movies but I haven't read the books. I'm sure the books are much better, they always are.

Beth: The Artists Way sounds very inspiring. I will have to check it out.

Beth Ciotta said...

Barb, you know I love Heather's books. Haven't read the Flynn series yet. More books for my towering TBR pile!

Bren, I'm with BJ. Saw the Boune movies, but have not read the Bourne books. I thought the first two movies were excellent. In fact, I saw the 1st one twice just to be sure I caught every little thing that was going on!

Beth Ciotta said...

Tori, I'm guilty of leaving readers hanging in a series. I set up my western series with the intent of featuring every one of the Garrett siblings with a love story of their own. Because of a career turn I was unable to write a story for the youngest brother, Boston. I've had a few readers who finished THE FALL OF ROME write to ask... "So when's Boston's story coming out?" I felt bad having to write back and say, not any time soon. But never say never.

I think these things happen some times. The author has every intention of finishing the series, but business, in some form or another intervenes. I know I didn't take this lightly and I'm sure most authors don't. We're as invested in our characters as the readers. But, unfortunately, things don't always go as planned.

SIS Beth

Beth Ciotta said...

BJ (also a SIS for those who don't know)... I think you would like The Artist's Way. There's a spiritual slant that I think would appeal to you. :)

SIS Beth

Sisters-in-Sync said...

Hi Tori!

There have been a couple of newer TV shows I enjoyed only to find out they were cancelled. Lame! You would think that somehow they would be able to wrap it up??? I too get frustrated when that "next" book never gets written or released but after I read Beth's comments, I'll try not to get as frustrated.

SIS Barb

Olga said...

I love Bourne series - watched the movies and read some of the books. I've already mentioned The Chameleon Chronicles by Beth as one of my fave trilogies. Also, any trilogy by Allison Brennan is great!

Sisters-in-Sync said...

Waving to BJ,

I haven't read any of the Bourne books but will make sure to do so now. I did watch one of the movies with Beth and Steve. It wasn't the first so they had to really fill me in, but still I enjoyed it. I have never seen a movie yet that was better than the the book is now a must read.

SIS Barb

Sisters-in-Sync said...

Hi Olga,

I haven't read Allison Brennan yet but have heard she is GREAT! Now that you've mentioned her too, I will definitely check her out. Any specific recommendations?

SIS Barb

Olga said...

Barb, I hope you like thrillers, because Allison does them masterfully! She's NYTimes best-selling author, and I believe hit the list with her very first book, THE PREY. I loved that book, as well as THE HUNT and THE KILL. She has a new trilogy out right now, Sacramento FBI trilogy, and the second book, FATAL SECRETS came out in June. Another thriller author that is totally amazing is Lisa Gardner. I've yet to find a book of hers that I wouldn't like.

Sisters-in-Sync said...

Thanks Olga for checking back! I love thrillers and I LOVE Lisa Gardner. I am so excited to check out Allison Brennan. I love to read great "new to me" authors! I think I may start with that new trilogy.

Thanks again Olga!

SIS Barb

Sisters-in-Sync said...

Hi Everyone!

Thanks for the book recs. I need more time so I can get to my TBR stack. I LOVE thrillers so I may be checking out Allison Brennan next.
Thanks so much,

SIS Bren

Olga said...

Barb and Brenda, you're totally welcome!

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