Saturday, July 18, 2009

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

SIS Barb says:
Sometimes you come across a film that evokes every emotional reaction. Laughter, tears, anger, sorrow and hope. Last year I watched one of these films with my husband. I walked in one night to hear him laughing hysterically. I sat down next to him and was surprised at what I saw. My husband is city and I'm country. He was watching an HBO Documentary on the lives of people living in Anderson, IN. For those of you who don't know, Anderson has a racetrack (car) and that's what people do there. It is their source of entertainment and for a few, a chance to win a little money or lose a lot. Money most of these people can't afford to lose. They don't have mechanics. They work on their own cars or have friends help. There is no other work to be had in this small community. What work there was once has closed down and moved out. It is rapidly turning into a ghost town. Very sad indeed.

My Pick of the Week: Dirty Driving: Thunder Cars of Indiana
For anyone who has ever lived in small town America, this documentary is a must see. For those of you who haven't, I recommend it to you as well so that all can see how people everywhere  struggle, fight and love when all odds are against them. I will warn that this is for adult viewing only.

SIS Bren says:

SIS B.J. says:
Heart pounding, sitting on the edge of your seat, knowing that something is about to happen, yet when it does you still scream and jump.
Horror movies. Either you love them or you hate them. I love them. One of the best horror films (IMO) is a black and white silent film made in 1922.F.W. Murnau's Nosferatu.
This cult classic is an adaptation of Bram Stoker's DraculaMax Schreck as Count Orlok is the creepiest vampire I have ever seen. ( Sorry Barb, I know you like your vampires sexy.)
My pick of the week: Nosferatu 


Olga said...

Never seen that documentary - thank you for the tip, will try to find it. As for scary movies, I'm not a fan. They, well, scare me too much!

Richard said...

Barb: I'll keep an eye out -- love those "small town" docs, too. Have seen a couple VERY engrossing docs about "Hillbillies" in Appalachia.

B.J.: I'm impressed!! A lot of folks know about "Nosferatu," but few I know have actually sat down and watched it! Always been one of my thoughts to write a soundtrack for it (I have 2 versions in my collection -- one with and one without music). And, along that line (I have mentioned this one before here), if you like that kind of vampire movie, find "Let The Right One In," an outstanding Swedish vampire flick involving young teens (and watch it with subtitles --- the English dub is TERRIBLE!)-- and, no, NOT like the mushy "Twilight!";)

B.J. said...

Hi Richard,

I had a feeling you would know Nosferatu. If you ever write a soundtrack for it let me know. I will keep an eye out for Let The Right One In. Thank goodness it's not like Twilight!

Tori Lennox said...

B.J., have you seen Shadow of the Vampire? It was made in 2000 and a fictional "behind the scenes documentary" of the making of Nosferatu in which Max Schreck is an actual vampire and F. W. Murnau knew that when he hired him. *g*

B.J. said...

Tori, I haven't seen that one but I will look for it too. I think I might have to get my Christmas list started. Thanks!

Beth Ciotta said...

Looks like sis BJ is holding down the fort today!

I'm down in DC at the RWA con. Haven't been able to get on line all week, so I've missed the fun. Was able to check in now, but only for a second. BJ, I thought both you and Barb had really interesting recs today. You certainly got my attention!

Have to run for now, but now I've got FANGS on the brain. Hope I don't have nightmares!

SIS Beth

Richard said...

GO, TORI!!! That's the OTHER movie I wanted to suggest to B.J., but couldn't remember at the time! And Willem DaFoe cast as Max Schreck, John Malkovich cast as the Director, Murnau (and a GREAT turn, against his "norm," by one of my FAVE Brits, Eddie Izzard, as "Gustav" --- BRILLIANT! And, a "seven degrees" kinda thing -- Klaus Kinski emulates Schreck's EVERY detail, from makeup to mannerisms, in the remake of "Nosferatu" in 1979; he being the father of Nastassja Kinski, who starred in MANY horror movies (most notably, the remake of "Cat People"); and Christopher Walken's character in "Batman Returns" is named "Max Schreck"!:)
Vampires ROCK!!!:)

Tori Lennox said...

Holy cow! *slapping forehead* I'd totally forgotten Eddie Izzard was in Shadow of the Vampire.

Hmm. Must research to see if Max Schreck or F.W. Murnau ever actually worked in Hollywood. If so, I might can work them into my 1920s murder mystery....

Sisters-in-Sync said...

Hi everyone! I'm back. I know how much ya'll missed me. I shouldn't be M.I.A. for at least 2-3 weeks now.

Thanks to SIS BJ for keeping up with this. You're awesome!!!

Richard, I've seen those Appalachian docs too. Sad, aren't they?

Can't say I've ever seen "Nosferatu" or for that matter even heard of it, but I told BJ I was sure she wasn't alone. Looks like we have several fans of that one.

Hmm...Does anyone know how Bren's recommendation got deleted? Maybe Bren knows! We should all ask her!

SIS Barb

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