Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow Day

Thursday, February 11, 2010

For the last two days, my children have had snow days. Fun for them, not so much for me. I have been trying to keep them quiet while dad is sleeping( he works thirds). As you can imagine, it is very hard to keep them quiet. We have gone outside to play in the snow. We played games and finished making valentines. The downstairs is a mess because they have brought many toys down to play with. I can't seem to keep up with them. Today they are doing science experiments in the kitchen. yet another mess to clean up. At least they are doing it quietly.

Hopefully they will be back in school tomorrow. I can finally get the house back to normal. I will have to admit that I have enjoyed the time we have spent together these last couple of days. I normally work on weekends so I don't get to spend a full day with them very often.

What do you do on Snow Days?

SIS BJ aka Aleena Ravenwood


Beth Ciotta said...

Hi, BJ! We've been snowed in here, too. I don't have kids to entertain, but I do have two dogs that tend to get cabin fever when they can't run off their energy. Lucky for me, Cheyenne and Nia LOVE the snow. They run and wrestle and dive into the drifts. Too funny.

As for me, I'm taking this bonus, precious time to catch up on some writing biz and to attack new writing projects. Today I also need to weave in some housecleaning. Bleh. Time to crank up some good music!

SIS Beth

SIS BJ said...

Beth, Sorry about all the snow but happy you have the extra time to write. Now I'm off to do the much needed house cleaning.

Linda Wisdom said...

We very rarely have snow and would have to travel to the mountains for it. And I'm sure Barney would disappear because of his white fur.

We did have snow about 6 yrs ago and so funny since our half St. Bernard didn't want to go out in it. I took pictures and good thing because it didn't last the day.

I think if I had a snow day I'd be vegging out.

Tori Lennox said...

I am so over winter. And we haven't had as much as the east coast folks.

SIS BJ said...

Hi Linda, A St. Bernard who doesn't like snow? I Thought they were made for that, LOL!

Vegging out sounds great.

SIS BJ said...

Hi Tori, As much as I like winter, I am getting a little tired of this year. Can't wait 'till Spring.

Beth Ciotta said...

This has been our harshest, longest winter in many years. Weird, I can deal okay with the cold when I'm outside... It's when I'm inside and have that chilled feeling in my bones, THAT'S what makes me cranky. Grrrr.

SIS Beth

Elle J Rossi said...

We've had a relatively mild winter, snow wise, here in Wisconsin. I do hate the cold weather and talk to Mr. Spring every day, begging him to hurry up.

My idea of the perfect snow day would be a cabin in the mountains or wilderness and Bailey's coffee all day long with good friends and country music.

SIS Barb aka Elle J Rossi

Sisters-in-Sync said...

Hi B.J.,

Snow days? We NEVER have them. We do however occasionally have hurricane days. I like those...I love all that wind! Just as long as it doesn't get too strong!

Sorry about your cold weather. It's been colder this year down here too. We're ready for our regular warm, sunny Florida weather.

SIS Bren

Linda Wisdom said...

Yep, Fergie hated the little snow we had that day and her Lab half hated rain. Go figure.

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