Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Wednesday, September 8, 2010
I am in search of a book.  Not just any book.  A book that I just can't put down.  A book that I think about constantly when I'm done reading it.

I love mysteries.  John Grisham is one of my favorite authors.  I've read many of his books and really enjoyed them.  Two of my all time favorite books are The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons by Dan Brown.  Those two books had me riveted from the get go.

I remember reading both of those Dan Brown books and taking breaks from them to go to the computer to look up things he was mentioning.  I remember trying to decipher some of the puzzles.

I need a book that has nail-biting suspense and heart-pounding action.  Anyone have a recommendation?

SIS Bren


Elle J Rossi said...

Absolute Fear by Lisa Jackson. You must, must, must read this book. I had to read it with the lights on, though. It's fantastic, frightening, suspenseful and heart pounding (as in you know someone is outside watching you)! Get it!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Elle. I think I will!

SIS Bren

~Sia McKye~ said...

I read a book for a review that I really enjoyed. It was different than many I've read, but I liked the common ground Cynthia Keller touch on reconnecting with family. An Amish Christmas. Something that I thought about a lot after I read it.

If you like paranormal, there are two I really enjoyed, Kate Douglas' new series, Demonfire and Hellfire, and I really like Christine Feehan's Waterbound--fresh and kept me right there.

I recently read The Insider, by Reece Hirsch. He writes legal thrillers. If you like Grisham, you'll like it.

Beth Ciotta said...

LONG LOST by Harlan Coben. I couldn't put it down. Nail-biting page-turner with wry wit. EXCELLENT!

SI Beth

Sisters-in-Sync said...

Hi Sia,

The paranormals sound intereting, something about the titles grabbed me.

The Insider also sounds right up my alley. Was there a movie made based on that book? It seems as though I watched a movie recently called The Insider.

Thanks for the recs,
SIS Bren

Sisters-in-Sync said...

Hello Beth,

Thanks for reminding me of Harlan Coben. I've read several of his books and love them. For some reason, I think I've read Long Lost. I'll have to check. If not, I'll be sure to grab it!

SIS Bren

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